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New Wood & Carbon Decks. GROUP BUY - Round 3 $110 (Shipped US)


Maybe do another after I get these motors out tomorrow. But I’m broke so it would have to be a long stretch to 50 decks. I have a bunch of the two hole decks still


1 single for me, whenever that’s starts.


I might be up for another…
What about a 44inch??


Could have it made without the noses cut off and get to 44” but it’s a can of worms opened w options given and they will only do one version so likely do same as before.
It would likely be 110$ with USA shipping again, no cheaper and possibly more delpending on if there’s a tarrif or something


Na, keep that shit original! :ok_hand:t4:


Fair enough. Just thought it would get people who have bought one or two before to come back around.
But that makes alot of sense.


I like the first one


@Sebious wanted to use in his double slot version, so here it is a little bit wider for that

Does anyone know how wide the deck is? don’t have mine in hands right now, just to make sure that the enclosure isn’t going over the edge


about 9-3/4" double cutout is 74 wide each with 20mm center beam.


Thanks, it’s fine them, the enclosure is 202mm wide


gunna do another group buy for the single hole starting in another couple days and hopefully be the same price. Have to confirm. Same as last time. Hope to get you guys in it again.


Would it be helpful if we were to send money to you now to help with the ordering process? @Hummie


Ok let’s do it. I’ll put up a google form tonight. Want to confirm prices first