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New version 2.1 - iOS eSkate VESC app for standard and ackmaniac FW



thank you @emmaanuel


@emmaanuel any updates on the km/h - mph conversation problem on the website?
It still show the wrong speed.


@Andy87 it’s holiday ! I’ll have some time to find a workaround for the VDLA unit bug.
At this moment VDLA website is down :frowning: @DeathCookies are you aware of this problem ?


Next time please Note down from when to when the site is down. For me it was online right now. No problems.


yes it’s up now.
@Andy87 I think I can’t fix the bug, because it’s a bug on the VDLA website (owned by @DeathCookies). The unit switch is not working fine:

  • The unit tag in the csv file is not interpreted fine in the statistic section
  • the graph is not update anymore when you change unit.

So if a try to change the data in the csv file, the statistic part will be fine but the graph will be wrong.
And actually, the graph is fine but the statistic part is wrong.

@DeathCookies do you think you can have a look at this problem ? If you don’t I can help you on this part.

Thank you.


Just let me know what you need from me


After deeper analysis, I’ve corrected the previous message :wink:


I just tested the app right now and cannot understand your point only one part of it.

Visit VDLA, insert metric csv file, everything looks okay.
clicking on the toggle button to enable imperial the statistics get converted correctly. The graph will show the correct values while hovering over it. The only problem i saw you mentioned is that the graph is partly wrong. The value scale is not updated properly and show wrong numbers.

Did i miss any other bug?


Look at this file:

Has you can see there it’s in Km/h (Speed_Unit=0).
When you open it, the speed graph is fine with a max of 33 km/h but in the statistic I see 53 km/h.
If a change to imperial in VDLA, I have in the graph 22mph and in statistic 33mph.

Is there something I didn’t understand ?


Somehow there is something we dont understand…

First there is a problem with the labeling of the graph!

The scale does not match the graph and statistics value. I will edit it when i have some time.

But the true error is unkown…
Here is the example csv. I compared it with your csv. In both cases there is (Speed_Unit=0). In your case it will calculate it wrong and in my case it will do the correct stuff. weird… i really dont know why this happens… It doesnt even make sense…

EDIT: @emmaanuel Somehow the values are odd… your stats says max speed = 53,7kmh. when i look through the graph the max speed value is 35,7. Where does it get the 53,7 from. assuming 35,7 is in mph then it would be 57,45kmh. seems odd to be that off


I’ve got it.
In the file I can see a line with 53.6955. It’s at line: 29_09_2018_13_19_59.079
This value look strange, but has I record more points than the graphics show, maybe this value is removed downscaling.
When you use the zoom function, the good value is displayed.


Thats the only issue right now isnt it?


yes. thank you.


I have a problem and hope someone can help.

My boards works fine and doesn’t have any problem. The iOS eSkate app also reads all settings fine (speed, voltage, current settings). But whenever I try to Upload VESC settings it says ‘Failed to save’.

Maybe 1 out of 10 times it will succesfully write my new settings but when checking with the ESC tool on the PC it only changed my VESC settings on my slave focbox. The bluetooth module is connected trough the uart port on my slave because I have the photon remote connected through uart on my master.

When using can forward to ID: 0 (master focbox) The problem is the same, uploading only works 1 out of 10 times and only updates the master in this case.

Only updating 1 of 2 motors could be expected behavior. But it only working 1 outta 10 times seems weird.

On the VESC monitor android app updating any settings never works.

I’m on Ackmaniac firmware


Hi @jadatmag , this was an old bug in the VESC version (including Ackmaniac). Has been fix a year ago.
Which firmware version are you using ?

the latest version of ackmaniac firmeware is 3.102.


I’m on 3.102 on both Vesc’s. Canbus writing works fine on the pc. I could’t find anyone on this forum who can read but not write. It’s weird :stuck_out_tongue:


Send me debug log after trying to write.
I’ll have a look.


tnx man :smiley:

I think I send 2 independent error logs to you.

When reading through it it says:
write: no
read: yes


Hi, I have been looking your logs.
Look like your BT module is not fast enough to send the configuration to your VESC.
Can you try with another BT module ? They are cheap (2-3$).
Are you at 9600 bauds ?


Just letting you know those cheap bt modules don’t always work with the app. I’ve not been able to get the app to connect with the module even after reflashing the Chinese module with geniune hm10 code.

Maybe just my module tho