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They are selling you a product and will do practically anything (including lying) to convince you that they have the best and most innovative shit on the market.

I’m not here to sell you anything. I’m just here to give you cold facts and truth based on physics and math as I’ve said plenty of times


Woah! Thanks for all the details mate! I appreciate you.


Hey, thx so much for your topic.
What are the difference between 8s li-po and 10s li-ion in performance? Is it critical for single motor build?


It all depends on the gearing. A good rule of thumb is to make sure your top speed is reasonable and not something too crazy.

for the same gearing, an 8s will feel weaker, because you simply have less watts going into the motors. Since watts = amps * voltage, increase either of these guys and you will feel more power. Set your amp limit higher (assuming your esc and motor can do the higher amps safely) or increase voltage and you’ll feel the difference. I would say expect up to 20% less performance if you gear it the same. But you can get torque for 8s still. I personally like 12s, and might experiment with a higher voltage at some point.


watts is amps x voltage but is the motor getting that voltage of the 12s when it’s not up to a higher speed?
I think the 12s would have the potential for greater power at full speed but at lower speeds the motor will only see the voltage supplied from the esc which at lower speeds just determines the current going to the motor. ive never tried a lower voltage to see though


I’ve ridden 8s boards before that did better than 12s boards, lol. If your talking direct drive or hub motor, then yes, lower voltage will give lower performance if you don’t change the motor kv.


what is performance? torque or speed or even efficiency it could be.

torque is decided by the amp settings of the esc, the kv and any gearing. speed will be reduced with lower voltage, but at the same time you can run a low voltage and a high kv and get to the same speed and also the same torque if the esc amp setting are able to be increased.

you could run at a very low voltage and have a very high kv motor and run an esc that can do many more amps and get the same performance (torque, speed, efficiency) I believe
but @kocoz s question of lipo vs ion…you COULD get the same performance maybe on watt control or something but lipo will hold at a higher voltage for longer before dropping while ion has a more continuously dropping voltage and ends lower.

but at the same time when my battery is dropping I do notice less torque which goes against what I just wrote


@Hummie @evoheyax thx for your answers. I also would like to find out about amount of C in li-po s - I think it does not matter if it would be 15c or 40c for our builds, am I right?


it does a lot. and they exaggerate with lipo. id do at least 30c if youre doing a 12s pack. they pretty much double the stated discharge rate compared to what it really should be doing as seen in the eyes of people who test lipo. Lipo are rarely tested to see how they do at their supposed discharge ability while ion are tested pretty thoroughly
so if you had a 12s pack and it was 20c and 5ah that would be 100 amps continuously that the battery would be able to supposedly do and if you did over that it would be sagging and heating up. If youre doing more voltage such as 12…vs doing maybe 8 lets say…then the battery will be able to use less amps OUT OF THE BATTERY for the same wattage so you can get away with having a lower c rate. I wouldn’t even mess with a 20c 5ah 12s battery and do 30c with 5ah. if you go up to 10ah pack then you would have 200amps supposedly that the pack could put out continuously without it decreasing the cycle life much and then I think youd be good with just 20c


Oh, I understood. As for me, I am thinking about all other components, and depend on how much money I am going to spend, I am choosing between li-po 2x4s 5ah (that way I need 30c+?) and 10s3p 25r. The difference is about 120$


I am looking to make my own 10s4p packs using the 18650 30Q with the U-solder tags ( some people call it C-solder tags)

Is it ok for me to solder the tags onto the 18650 PCB that martinSP sells?


How long doesn’t take to arrive In Southern California


Hi, Im doing a vanguard build and Im new to the diy scene and I need a 12s 18650 battery that will fit in the eboosted 12s vanguard enclosure. I would like a 12s3p battery and a good bms that does not limit the performance. Any suggestions? Thanks for reading.


Any of you guys has had experience with these batteries?


Is there someone that has experience with the Sanyo UR18650NSX? Couldn’t find anything on this forum.

I got the following setup: single drive 6374, 10S3P

I was set to use the Samsung 30Q but I see that I can save quite some money by using the Sanyo’s.

The small loss in range is unimportant to me but I see that they perform better at 20A (and slightly less good at lower A)


just use the 30q, they’re pretty much proven at this point


What about making a 10s4p with 12000mah instead of 3000mah, both 3.7v for a battery replaceement for a bamboo gtx?


Hi man, have you finished your build? Would love to hear how it turned out, I’m currently also doing a Vanguard build and still dont know where i should get my li-ion battery pack. 12s3p seems like enough, what kind of range and speeds are you getting?


I would like to build my first DIY electric mountain board.

I have the board and I have read hundreds of post to select the best and cheapest dyi.

I think i am going to a single motor, buy a 12s2p lipo batterie 8000mah (€ 100) one SK3 - 6374-192KV (€ 85) and vesc from enertion (€ 90)

I want to know the best way to charge batteries, i am planning to buy 4x 6S4000mah and do 12s with 8000mah
Would you recommend me to charger for that batteries and how can i charge?
I think the best option is to balance the charger for 6s and disconnect the batteries in series and let the parallel so I can charge two and two.
Is that safe for the batteries or is better charge one by one.
Thank you I have already learned alot of your post.


Hey, no I haven’t, Im on vacation with my family. When I get back on the 30th it will be the first thing I do. I will update my build page when I do tests and post pics throughout the process. Thanks for your interest!