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New here thought I would say hi my project I am thinking about is I have a liftboard and to say the least it is on its last leg. I want to mod it keeping the battery but switching the motor and the trucks I already have better wheels so now need ideas for motors and motor mounts and trucks.


What’s up guys. I’m aiming to build a board that’s better than the extended range Boosted Board. I want a 20+ mile and about 30 mph for top speed. Don’t have a name for it yet. I’ve done a decent amount of reading. I’ve only purchased 3 LiPo 4s1p 8000mAh batteries for a 12s setup. Looking at a lot of parts from DIY as far as motor, remote controller, ESC. Not too comfortable with being sure about what parts are compatible with what as far as Max amp capabilities. I think I found the right BMS. It’s a Supower for 12s on eBay for 95. Battery has a 30C rating so my concern is the amperage capabilities of the parts being all over the place. I also saw another Bestech BMS on buildkitboards for like 50 bucks. Any recommendations welcome. Didn’t find much about BMS on here (yet…?). Thanks!


Hi Everyone! Stumbled across this site looking for my next esk8. Half a year ago I bought my girlfriend an electric scooter, and as kind of an after thought bought myself a wowgo2s just as something to ride along with her on. I’ve never been a skateboarder, just 4-5 trips a year for snowboarding is the closest I’ve gotten. When I first got on the board… I have to admit, I panicked at how torque-y and difficult to control it was. I was ready to throw it in the trash!

Fast forward 6 months and I can’t get enough! I absolutely love my wowgo. I ride it absolutely every chance I get. It totally reminds me of my first ever motorcycle, I have the same obsession I did then. And just like that 250cc starter bike, my wowgo has gone from an absolute rocket ship I could barely control, to a slow starter board! What had felt blazing fast and torque-y is now, well, not quite boring but I want more!

I’ve gone ahead and done the paris trucks upgrade. That helped. But I’ve noticed that the handle cut out makes the deck unbalanced in carving left and right. I had been trying to find out what deck I should buy which led me to this wonderful site!

So here I am at a crossroads. Is it worth it to upgrade the deck? Should I just start my build and then sell the wowgo? Buy a Raptor 2 and be done with it? I’ve learned from RC car building that it’s usually better to buy the ‘kit’ and your own electronics. Plus I have fun building things.

Can anyone link to any beginner friendly builds people have done? I get that the magic of DIY is you can tailor your build to your needs but I don’t know enough to even know what I want!


Do you know what Drive system you want?

Hubs, belt, chain, gear drive, or direct drive?


Hey man, I started off more or less similar with you :slight_smile:

Never skated before at all but I’ve rode my electric scooter daily for close to a year because that’s how I commute to work :smiley:

I decided to shift to skateboard mainly due to it being ‘cooler’ and also more lightweight compared to the scooter that I own :confused:

I got an Ownboard W1S that is practically the same with the Wowgo 2S and I’ve done the caliber 2 truck upgrade as well, it rides really well now with the orangatang nipples bushings and I’ve happy with it :smiley:

My next plan is to redo the board with belt drive motors + VESC 6.6 but retaining the W1S parts as a base for now as I don’t want to blow a huge budget now :sweat_smile:


Thanks for the reply. I’ve only ever experienced my hub motors. I’m leaning towards belt drive next. The positives I’ve read about belts that stand out to me are: serviceability, expanded wheel options, and acceleration. Plus I always like to try something different. Up until I joined this forum I only knew about belt drive and hub motors. I’m open to other drive options.


I’m sure it’s a common path to take :wink:

I am very happy with my wowgo, like I said, I still love the thing to death. Actually the biggest issue I have right now is range. I bought the “middle” battery option for range and I’ve found it to be a bit limiting. My girl and I often ride to the cafe on Sundays for breakfast. Going there and coming back is nearly the extent of my range. And the board slows waaaaaay down by the time I’m back in my driveway. Plus there are some cafes another mile or two away in the downtown area… :skateboard::skateboard::skateboard:


Fist thing you do is to start reading, read everything and anything on here and then it looks to me like a choice. Re-purpose the wowgo or build something else and keep the wowgo as a back up.
Build a new satellite motor set up. (read about belt drive) This is the most expensive route and will be the most challenging.
First time building I would be considering buying a good quality kit. Its the perfect way to get familiar with the components and yet have the security of a system that goes together and works. Very much like the rc kits you mentioned.
Belt drive is great set up compared to hubs as the gearing allows you to customize your torque and speed and choose full urethane wheels or indeed pneumatics.
Have a look through this site for complete kits or part kits. Gear is very good quality and the owner is here on the forum. @torqueboards
The kit linked includes everything you need to build a killer board on the deck of your choice but go through the whole site because its a lot of fun.
Alternatively you could upgrade the wowgo to a Direct Drive system with a new battery and vesc’s (read about vesc)
Decent direct drive motors coupled with vesc will also allow you to program your torque and will be head and shoulders better than the wowgo if you couple them with a decent battery. ( Read about batteries) and direct drive will also allow you to choose your urethane. (read about DD)
Personally speaking I would be thinking along the lines of building new and keeping the wowgo for an upgrade later because lets face it you can never have too many boards.
First job though is to read.

A wise man once told me the perfect number of boards is one more than you have right now.

Welcome to Hotel California my friend and good luck


Hi, new here. I’m currently living in Socal and I’m really enjoying my new Torquboards 12s dual 6374 belt driven build. I’m planning on adding a 5v system for lights etc. I’m trying to make a versitile board, that can be tuned and easily modified for either distance or speed. Tested my current setup, and it goes a tad over thirty. I’d like to be able to hit fifty, so I’m thinking maybe getting hooked up with some of @psychotiller six shooters, and maybe upgrading to VESC six. Currently have dual flipskys with max amps 70 each, I’ll probably bump those up to 80 each. If I’m going for speed, and not to worried about distance am I better off getting some high DC lipos?


Hi, thanks for the add here’s my custom Stereo UE Mega Boombox Boosted board. Here in NYC it’s illegal and dangerous to ride with headphones, this way those stray tourists and locals who’s not looking where their walking hear me coming and I hear what’s going on around me.


Hello! I’m Grelle, and my best friend got a boosted board and I rode it and have been hooked. Boosted board was way to expensive so now I’m considering building my own!


Hey all,

After riding an ebike my brother built, I decided to look into building an esk8. I’ve pored over the forum and questioned a few experienced builders on here to get an idea of what to build and what it will cost (along with the help of my brothers DIY knowledge of batteries and my other brothers electrical engineering knowledge).

Here’s the plan:

12s5p 30q battery
focbox unity
dual 190kv 6374 3200W motors (From forum member)
152mm (6’’) pneumatic wheels (From forum member)
15mm wide belts on 15/60T pulleys (From forum member)
MBS matrix II trucks
Custom deck (From forum member)

Which leaves BMS’s for battery, battery enclosure and a hand controller.

Any suggestions/criticisms are more than welcome.



Helmet. Just get a good helmet.


What :point_up:️ Kelly said and don‘t forget the motor mounts and a good remote :wink:


Maybe a quality set of tools too.
Nothing worse than destroying bolts and not being able to ride all because you stripped mounts/pully hardware.

I like wera hex wrenches


That’s a given. Any suggestions on a full face helmet?


I really like my tsg pass. I hear @JLabs might do another group buy soon


I’ve got the mounts sussed, I will need a remote though. Suggestions?


That’s exactly what I was looking at. Worth every cent from what I’ve read. Is that what the gold one you use is?


I have a canopy loaded with good tools :slight_smile: