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hey my name is Jay. Im a new member and new to this community. I used to skate all through my younger years but launched myself into a busy work life early on… so in all senses lost touch with my skateboarding routes. As i learned of electric skateboards i got more and more interested in the scene. I have since bought a budget board (backfire g2s) for my wife, and a diy kit for myself. I went with the backfire g2s for my wife because shes literally 100lbs soaking whet with a parka on. Whereas i went with a diy 10s5p kit for me self because im a larger 250lb guy, and well i figured i needed the extra :zap: . All that being said… i am currently waiting on the diy kit, as well as a set of mbs wheels and a drop down deck. Looking forward to learning from as many folks as i can and possibly meeting some too! I live in Ottawa Ontario. Later!


Im not knocking the diy kit. But i wouldn’t trust those trucks at your weight. I snapped a set at 200lbs.
Welcome to the money pit lol


thanks for your input. any suggestions on trucks to look at? and :open_mouth::neutral_face::astonished::sob:


I replace mine with surfrodz. But they are high end. $100+ and you still need mounts.
Im not 100% sure if the motors in the 10s5p kit will fit on caliber trucks. If not than TB 218 trucks will work.
By replacing the trucks in that kit. Youll need to replace your mounts and probably belts too.


Okay noted! This is going to be my first diy kit ever. so i am planning on learning with this kit. I know only that i cant keep spending until i really get a feel for it. I will DEF keep my eyes peeled for any signs of weakening or cracking in the powdercoating. Cheers!


looking at this picture makes me envision you flying off the board doing like 20mph wondering whose dog you just ran over :rofl::disappointed_relieved:


I was going about 20mph. I kinda felt it coming. Didn’t crash really. Ran it off, but my back was pissed for a week.


im glad you didnt wipe! Ive seen some horrible outcomes. and im 250 :anguished: going to have to starting thinking about these things before they happen to prevent downtime


Definitely get a helmet.
I’ve skated my entire life and haven’t started wearing a helmet until esk8. Its needed.


first order i placed before the kit :slight_smile: you are 100% right. helmets are a must!


I would highly avoid the kit


any reason for that?


There’s a few reasons. If you can cancel the order do it and then thank me later when I explain why




thanks for your feedback!


And the other things to say is that you can probably build something better for around the same money with patience and used parts. And probably have a fun time doing it


building isnt an issue. i need to do more homework on the electrical side of things, wiring, programming, battery safety. I am generally knowledgeable about these things but i dont feel comfortable enough to starting soldering and wiring anything quiet yet. im in no way shape or form a pro at anything except maybe being a dad :sunglasses: so i really feel like i will take away from this first initial experience with this diy kit all the things i want and dont want out of an eboard. i make a modest living, so like you said, with patience and good luck, i may be able to create a more reliable/ well suited board for my needs right here!


That’s a good attitude :+1:
If you need any help you find a lot of information here with the search function.
If that will not answer your questions or you want to hear an opinion about parts you plan to buy, just open a new topic and ask us.
A lot of experienced guys here ready to help you :relieved:


first day on this forum and people are so welcoming! Ive spent almost 4 hours just scrolling and reading experiences/ issues/ builds. Really a great site!


As long as you don’t come in saying “I want a top performance board for $400 do the work for me” you’ll find this forum more kind than most. I have great faith in you padawon.