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Hello! I’m new to this community. I’m from Argentina and I’m building my first e-skate.

I’m making a DIY foldable longboard (I’ve been reading the noob threads here on this site for a while now and I have almost everything ready) built to be reliable and long-lasting. Speed and torque are not priority, battery life and the board not catching fire is :slight_smile:

My parts:

Motor: 1x turnigy aerodrive sk3 6364 213kv (wondering the difference between that and the SK3 - 6364-190KV besides the difference in kV)

Drivetrain: 16/36 with 5mm belt (will the torque be enough to ride a 10°-15° slope? I weight about 175 pounds)

Battery: I’m aiming for a 10s4 or 6P made of Samsung’s 25R INR 18650 . Here’s where I’m stuck. I’ve read somewhere that batteries in series can’t be charged normally (each cell needs to be monitored so that its not overcharged). I’m not sure how to do this, so I’m not sure what I need to charge the board. I’m aiming to use a laptop-type charger (even if the charge time is not the best) but I’m not sure if I need to include a circuit or something else on the board.

ESC is still missing, I’m wondering if it will need a heat sink or anything to handle 80% of the 10s6p.

I’m open to suggestions!



For the battery you need a BMS (Battery Management System)
There are charge only and charge/discharge BMS
Most people seem to use only a charge BMS as discharge are pricier (and I also think there aren’t many of them)
The BMS will balance your cells, your parallel groups to be exactly, so that they all stay on the same voltage, so you wont overcharge (unlikely if right charger is used) or undercharge one of your parallel group causing damage to it

It can be either in your charger you want to load with a laptopstyle charger, so you need to have it in your board or battery pack, depends on the battery pack you gonna buy

For the ESC, as you want a 1WD, I’d go with a Focbox as long as they are sold, they seem to be popular and reliable. Else I don’t know, as I’m also highly new into DIY and am still learning myself


Thanks a lot! Would something like this work?


As long as you go with a 10S Battery (Lower should also be possible but not quite sure how that thing works) it should work, atm I don’t know myself how/what I will do there - but that’s why we have this forum :slight_smile:
10S will be good for your build, maybe you can even go lower - motor description says it wants 10S, so it’ll be probably the best -, depends on how powerfull your board should be

I see it’s a charge/discharge bms, nice -> will be safer (even though I’m not sure if you want your board to catch fire or not :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )
40A max discharge should be ok -> can someone confirm this?

-> looks good to me, but rather ask someone with more knowledge, to be sure it’ll work


Hey im Ed and I’ve been lurking around the forum trying to learn more before building my own skateboard. I have a small background in electronics, and was brought here by a friend. Im trying to build my own board right now something unique for sure. Still got some reading to do but can’t wait to get started!


Hello everyone! I’m new here. I’m addicted to electric vehicles and anything with personal electric mobility. So far, i have built an ebike, and i have 2 electric unicycles. Next project is to build an eboard.:grin:
I also want to meet people with the same interest.


From where you are?
We have different groups in different countries.
For sure there is one close to you too :wink:


I bought a similar BMS to that Vruzend one for my son’s board and for my 10s battery, I purchased a different one from buildkitboards. I personally like the smaller one from BKB. The Vruzend one is a charge and discharge BMS and is a bit larger. As the Vruzend BMS couldn’t handle the amps that my skateboard was going to need, I ended up bypassing the discharge. The BKB BMS is charge only, so thinner, and am very happy with it.


I’m completely new to skateboarding and esk8:ing. I’m an engineer and work with software development in Stockholm/Sweden and I like to tinker with IoT-stuff like Raspberry Pi’s and Arduinos. Building an Esk8 seems like a really fun project and this excellent forum got me hooked.
My idea is to build an esk8 together with my 8-year old son (maybe the other two (11 and 13 years old) will join as well). The idea is mainly to have fun building it, but of course it will be really nice if it works as well :wink:

Since none of has skated before our goals are probably a bit different from the average esk8er:

  1. To have fun building it
  2. To learn stuff about electronics, mechanics and batteries on the go
  3. To build something reasonably safe
  4. To build something stable and easy to ride
  5. To find good budget alternatives, I’m thinking of a total budget around 300-400€. Buying used components is totally OK.

Speed, range and durability will be unimportant to start with.

I started out by watching this tutorial:

I’m thinking of similar parts as in the video from BangGood, but maybe the quality is not good enough? We are not going to ride the e-skate in traffic for a start. If we can get the board to run reasonably well and safely on a level surface we will be more than happy.

One thing I’m thinking of is if I can maybe save some money by reusing my Arduino or Raspberry Pi and use a breakout board for an ESC controlled by the Pi/Arduino. Seeing the prices for a cheap VESC this might not be worth the effort though ( See this one: Flipsky ESC on BangGood).


Hi, I’m experimenting with a few electric hobby builds (longboard, e-drift trike, upgrad my lawn mower) and want to fabricate as much myself as possible… Currently building my first 18650 pack. Lots of great info on this forum, Thanks!


New to eboards but have extensive drafting, design and building experience. Just need to read up on the electrical components and figure out the best place in the US to find all the parts I need!!


@ShueBox I’d start with MBS if you want to build a beauty and @psychotiller if you want to build a beast. Welcome!


old builder new account, sixth build coming soon, this is becoming an addiction :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming:


Um… bud. I think you passed that bridge a few builds ago


HI, I’m Zach and I am currently looking for the best way and practical way to build a Eskate board that has max speed and max distance. I’m a 225 lb rider. I have looked at YouTube videos and just want the best parts for a price range of 5-600$. Thanks for taking the time to read this.


I’m looking for some mounts for my ronnin trucks they are just the stock red ones I’d like to run a dual setup with a focbox


i got some questions for u. what do u mean by max speed or range? if you want the max speed and range ur gonna need a board more than 600$. if u want a board that is in that pricerange i suggest a chinese board.


Not gonna get far on 500-600 but its not impossible.

Check this out


Ollin boards makes them


You are going to have to choose max speed or max distance as well as function/ performance vs reliability. Because you can not have both is a $500 budget.