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Hi! I’m new here. My idea is… I have been interested in the Kaly.Nyc boards for some time now. Unfortunately they always seem to be sold out. My goal is to possibly build a clone or something of the sorts. The information on here is great but I am starting to get a little overwhelmed. It would be great if I could simply mimic the specs of the XL Carver but I am not sure if I can hack it. Any and all help would be much appreciated… No seriously send help!


Did you ever sent a message to @Kaly ?
I think he just doing them on pre order, so that’s why you see them always sold out.
Just hit him up here and ask what would be the actual waiting time for one xl carver.


I had messaged him via his site but haven’t reached out to him on here yet. I will do that now. I still have a peaking interest to build one myself. I would more that likely use the XL carver as a blueprint. I still have a lot of learning to do. Is there a “how to” thread on these trampa boards? I am hesitant to jump into the DIY builds. I have the $$ to purchase a or on the flip side I have enough $$ to make my own but I can afford a bunch of mistakes.


All in all… I am looking for a trampa build that can go 20+ miles (real miles) and hit speeds of 30+ mph. If there is a detailed guide or build on here, that would be my first choice.


there are al lot of build logs out here.
just look through it. you will find all information you need.
if no, than just start your own thread.
write down what you want to creat.
which parts you choose and ask if things will fit together.
i´m sure you will get it done easily.
it´s not a big deal to do a your own trampa build if you know which parts from where to buy.
if it will take too long or @kaly is too busy at the moment, you could always get a gear drive or other stuff from him for your own build.
if you need some help just ask here (and add me :wink: (
you will get an answer for sure.


@Andy87 thank you for the kind words and info. by the way your 4 wheel drive winter build in an absolute monster. give yourself a pat on the back for that specimen


thx man! still work in progress :wink:


Hi there guys apologies for the absence :sweat_smile: busy cooking some good stuff, itching to show it but can’t do it until production is set up. :smile:


@Kaly I understand brother. I know whatever you have working will be worth the wait, just let me know when its in pre-order so I can put my name in the hat :wink: in ernesto we trust lol


Hey I’m Brendan, I’m from Long Beach,CA. I’ve been lurking a lot over the past couple months. Right now I have a Backfire G2S that I ride, but I’ve been planning out a DIY build for awhile. I pulled the trigger on it today and ordered an assortment of DIY parts from guys in the community that had black Friday promotions. I plan on making a thread about my first DIY black friday board soon. Thanks!


Hi im Axel been lurking for a few years no the E-sk8 community and pulled trigger on wowgo in the spring. Currently my plans are to build a dula belt motor for next summer.

Here is the list i have gathered so far, suggestion are appriciated


Hi all,
I’m looking to build myself a sweet Boosted clone as I loved the ride on it when I tested it.
My first board was a wowgo bought during the sprint and I loved the first experience on this. My test ride on a boosted was on another level though.
I’m scared as f to start building a board but really want my custom made board.
I have very little tools and am not much of a builder (took me 1,5h to build a shelf T_T).
I’d like this new beast to cost me ~900€.
Parts I selected:

  • Vanguard Flex 3 or 4 (I’m light)

  • Caliber II Red

  • Orangatan 85mm or 97 FlyWheel

  • 1/4 Risers

  • Motors: 2x DIY 6355 190kV

  • Mounts: 2x DIY Motor mount


  • Battery: My wowgo’s Samsung

  • Enclosures + On/Off switch: Wowgo’s

  • Pulleys: DIY 36T Kegel pulley x2

  • Remote: DIY’s remote + receiver

  • Dual ESC Bus connector

  • XT90 Parrallel connector

  • Male to male servo connector

Cost ~815€
Possible upgrades:

  • Better looking enclosures ~80€
  • Sanyo Battery pack ~200€
  • Focbox unity ESC ~+100€
  • Coach from esk8 builders ~TBD :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure if I missed anything. I want this build to be as simple as possible.


Hi all
I’m Corsin, I’m from Switzerland

My first board was the raptor2.0, which I liked performance wise but not so much from the deck and carving

After I had a fall and broke my arm, I decided it’s time for a board with real wheels
So I looked into Carvon’s direct drives and liked them. But I did some research and found out that they are unpredictable in delivery and not very talkative

Since then I was waiting (half a year at least). Lately I heard of the new Torqueboards direct drive system which then came out to preorder yesterday. And wonder what, instantly bought me a 4WD kit.

Also bought me 2 Foxboc Unity’s and a photon remote

Jup, I want to build a monster ^^

Now I just have no clue on how I will connect the Focboxes or if I just take them separate with a receiver per unity and just connect both to the remote - what do you guys think here? kinda not finding valuable information on this

Also have to decide for a decent deck + enclosure
Battery pack, should I go for eg 1x 12s6p for the whole system or separate the front and back with a eg 12s4p
BMS: no clue about, as I want to be able to change batteries a pack with bms would be overhead, but i guess it would be best to have it in the board and not on the charger

Plan is to go backpacking with the board. If it works out, I’d like to travel from Switzerland to somewhere south-east/east asia

And yes, I will buy some heavy protection, just needs more research. Do we have a wiki for this?

I’m happy to be here and hope that I can give back the knowlege that I’ll learn!


I rund separate battery for front and back, plus two receiver bind with one remote.
If one side broke, you still have the other working.
I use charge only bms and a fuse instead of a charge/discharge bms


I’m a new user here. I’m planning a Boosted clone. I like the Loaded Vanguard but I want more range than the Boosted. I like what SkateMetric did with the Foosted , but I also want the fit and finish a little better than the Ownboard enclosures. I’m planning on a similar build but using the eBoosted battery and enclosure, and a FocBox unit to simplify the ESC side of things.

Skate hardware - Loaded Vanguard, Caliber II, Orangatang Caguama

Motors - TorqueBoards 6355 motors, motor mounts, and pulleys from https://

ESC - FocBox Unity

Battery - eBoosted 10S4P , BMS , power port

I’m sure I’ll be spending a lot of time here while I get the specs finalized and this thing built up.


use a blow dryer…I hear that helps


First eSkate build:

Board from Foxbox VESC. TB 6374 motors and 7s3p battery I made myself with Samsung 25R batteries. Caliber 2 trucks and flywheel knockoffs. Enclosure was the most challenging to get one that fit the components, but only as big as necessary. Still have to add LED lights, but have the controller tested and working. Just waiting on a LED splitter. (it’s my son’s board and LEDs made it that much cooler! :slight_smile: )

Also making a second board for me with a 10s3p set up and dual focbox/motors, but somehow fried one of my focboxes. Have tested the board and it runs great with the single motor, but need to get a second vesc and finish my enclosure.

I just created an account on this site, but have spent many hours over the past few months reading your builds and gaining knowledge, so thank you to everyone that has shared your stories and builds.

Also, here’s who I purchased items through:

  • Torqueboards - 6374 motors, mounts, 218 trucks for my dual motor set up, 97mm wheels for the dual,
  • - blank deck
  • Hyperion Systems - Most of my electronics
  • IMR - Batteries
  • BuildKitBoards
  • Veruznd - 7s balance charger; 3s balance chargers for LED 12v light packs, heat shrink, nickel
  • Malectrics for the arduino-based Li-ion battery welder kit (which was awesome)

Here’s a few pictures of the finished one (correction…only one picture since I’m limited on how many pictures I can upload.)





Eaa! Mas gente de Argentina!