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Ups! Just bought this pack…


Ok, it’s by no means a bad remote


Hi guys my name is Michael , Im from Poland and Im geating ready to build something unique with friends. So if you will see some “dumb” questions dont hate, dont hesitate to help. Thanks a lot.


I got a polish friend called Michal too :rofl::rofl:


There are few of us out there, hehe.:beers:


Hello. I have been lurking for about a month or so now. Decided to join. I have been learning sooo much and finally realized that just lurking is never going to be enough. I needed to join the community. So here I am. Still much to research.

Commuter board for a 1.8 mile commute (one way).

Calibers 50s

Everything else is still up in the air. :stuck_out_tongue:


I found an answer to my own question, but I thought I might post it anyway just in case anyone else needed the guidance.

For a hub motor board -= you cannot use the Sidewinder Trucks as they will not fit the rear hubs. The koowheel ones are squared, not round hangers, so they notch into the wheels. Hope that helps someone. I didn’t find that out till I took my board to the Local Skate shop & took it all apart in hopes to purchase a full set of Sidewinder Trucks there. :sleepy:


Just file the sidewinders to the profile that you need and pop on the hubs…


would have loved to, but the sidewinder seems smaller than the squared Koowheel trucks. I would have to go back & look at them both in comparison at the shop in comparison for sure.


Hi. New to eBoards. I have been given and old eboard and I plan to fix it to use with my kid.


Good to have you here! Welcome!


Hi everyone. I have been reading this forum and a bunch of others pages for a while. I have only one word for people here, and that word is AMAZING. Reading and watching people builds, and seeing projects that started and got developed here because of esk8 (VESC, DieBieBMS, Firefly, Proton…) is absolutely amazing.

I’m a EE student from Croatia, and eboard is on my TODO list at least a year now, but i never had money to start. I got a job now and can finally afford basic budget board build. Will be posting my planned build soon, to hear your comments and criticism.


Not sure how to proceed. I am trying to start a new post, but can’t find how… is it limited or something? The format of this forum is not very confortable compared with the standard ones…


If you new you can’t start a post.
If you made some comments you can.
You will see in the right top corner a big plus with new topic

Just click on it and tell us what you want to tell


Hi, I’m Enric. I have a Gotrax GXL e scooter. I’m looking to add a 36V battery to it for more power. :wink:

Should I post my e scooter battery question under a discussion topic? I don’t see how to post except in here. And can I include photos and links to the information I’m referring to?



Hello everyone! :wave:
New member called Wowgo here from China.


you need to comment on some topics, than your will be able to make your own post.
you will see in the right top corner appearing an cross to create a new topic.
pictures always good and help us to understand your situation and questions better.


Thanks for the info!


Hi people,

another newbie on forum. Trying to make a first board as a lot of us here.
Hope to have a a lot of educational time here.



I’m pretty new here and after some research have decided to convert my loaded tesseract to an e-board. The build I’m thinking about is dual 190w 6355 motors from tourqeboards on caliber trucks (front is 50° back has a Randal 35° baseplate) with a focbox unity and 12s5p Samsung 30q battery. For the deck I have some lamenting experience and am looking at modifying it similar to how @whitepony did his carbon fiber tesseract. My biggest issue right now is using larger wheels (Orangatang Caguamas 85mm) are giving me some mad wheelbite despite an inch of riser and having cut out some wheelwells, I probably just need stiffer bushings though.