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Yes for protection, especially if you manage to land that 21 year old ladyfriend :wink:

Your legs are going to burn like hell for the first 10 rides but it gets smooth after that. I’m 35 and currently experiencing my mid life crisis, I grew up in the third world so figure I’m minus 15 or so years from the rest of you guys haha.



That seed planter? Is such a good fit. Build looks sleek


Yeah the planter is a great fit, I was either going to use two of these 42446149-1-f
and have to battery leads exposed going between the two enclosures but found the planter more sleek.
the specs on the planter are;
560mm long
150mm wide
40mm in height

couldn’t ask for a better fitting enclosure unless it was specifically made for the deck and components


Hey guys! I’m a 100m sprinter and economics student from the Sunshine Coast in Australia, looking to build an eboard for my commute to uni (about 20km range total) and just as a fun project with a couple of my mates.
So far I’m looking at:
DIY 6355 190kv motor
DIY single motor mount kit
Enertion remote (thought I’d go with the most expensive option since I really don’t want it cutting out while I’m riding haha)
And beyond that I’m not quite sure what battery to go with, although I’ve been leaning towards li-ion just not sure which one.
Any help would be much appreciated! Cheers!


i am a new member a buddy of mine made a nice long board for me and got me hooked. I say hooked that i just ordered the lacroix board yesterday.


Hey Teamgee, I bought your H6 hidden battery style board and it is awesome. So thin and it looks like a normal one. And the electric push is awesome. The remote is very handy and it is so easy to speed it up. Wow. I am a new Fan and I think that every one should buy your boards. Good price and good product. I love it.


My name is Arjan

I’m a fairly new rider from the Netherlands.
I built my first board last year and am now looking to upgrade it since it is broken now.

The main reason I signed up here is so I could order a motor mount from marcmt88 but since I am a new member and can’t send PM’s yet, I might aswell introduce myself.

I am more interested in the technical aspect of building an electric longboard than I am a rider.
In fact, last year was the first time I ever stood on a longboard or skateboard for that matter.

I own 3 3D printers and have a 40W laser cutter. Workiing with those machines is my main hobby that connects all my other hobbies together; Quadcopters, Driving and working on my car, working on my longboard and more.

If you have questions, please feel free to ask. I have a question for anybody; when can I send PM’s?

Thats it, bye!


When you increase your reading time a little bit


Thanks, I can indeed send PM’s now. have a good day!


I’m Pat from Hawaii, Maui very beautiful Island. I’m just bored decided to build my first electric skateboard and hopefully cruise around Maui specially Hana road😁.


wow, thanks for the feedback!

Hope to see some of your review reports or vids for teamgee h6.


Hi @Samuel…every question you could possible have has a answer here.
Keep reading… navigating the site will get easier.

Read the rules gain you badges increase you accreditations.

Safety is paramount buy good safety gear.
Even with your speed it’s faster than you can run.

It’s generally more expensive to DIY ….exchange rates freight etc.
But what you get has your input and can exceed performance wise.
In Aus you money will go further. A company board made here will be cheaper.
Everyone has a budget…The old adage holds true you get what you pay for.

The esk8 community people won’t rip you off. They excel in sharing there knowledge.

Look at other builds learn…no one board has it all. Figure out what you need to do to determine your design components. Search in builds for similar to what you are thinking of. Ask questions, send emails, read through the sight, reply to posts chances are your question are already answered somewhere. Try to find them.

Parts my first build:
So far ordered:
@psychotiller …six shooters
@hummie …Round three wood and carbon deck group buy
@psychotiller SR 200mm RKP trucks with quick66 mounts
Psycho’s arc Enclosure with wire channel
Dual 6369 sensored 200kv Maytech motors

@TinnieSinker in Bris makes battery’s.

Most of all enjoy :sunglasses:
Welcome to the forum.


Hi there everyone,
Guillaume from France, 33, occasional rider.
Unemployed right now, needed a project to maintain my engineering skills.
Got me working on 3 MTB project actually. I haven’t posted on this forum yet but will do soon.
One is based on an old trampa with MTVESC100A (just fried 3 of them :confused:) belt transmission, one on an old RKB with chain drive and FS VESC 6, the late one is a Trampa with mini E-Toxx direct drive and ESCape.

My BlueBrain

The Scavenger base

The custom GT2B


Not sure if anyone touched on this with you but that enertion remote isn’t the best, don’t let the price fool you mate. A mini rc remote will not let you down, simple, doesn’t drop connection and works every time. You can buy 3 spares for the money too :blush:


Hi everyone,

I’m a controls engineer student from Holland and planning on building my own OneWheel with the use of this informative forum! After having done a lot of reading I have come to the following (incomplete) build:

  • FLIPSKY FSESC 6.6 based upon VESC® 6 + Heat Sink (group buy @moon)

  • 600 Watt 10x6-5.5 inch Hub motor \w hall sensors. The motor is available in different voltages( 24V, 36V, 48V and 60V). From what I understand, a higher voltage is preferable given that the VESC and battery can handle it (less current=less heat). I am in doubt about which to take, the 36V or 48V… Any suggestions? A link to the motor is shown below:

  • Li-ion battery. Depending on the motor (36V or 48V) a 10s4p/10s2p or 12s2p setup. Not sure what would be preferable…

I find it hard to estimate whether i will have enough torque with the selected motor. Anyone an idea? Advice is greatly appreciated :)!


hello, my name is Dani, and I’m here because I do not know if I buy the evolve one gt of two engines because I love the aesthetics and the range of 20 miles or do one with a diyelectricskateboard kit, what do you think?
The more I read, the more confusing I am


Depends on what you want and need.
If you have time to put all together than go for diy. If no than go for evolve but be sure that there battery suck and i‘m not sure if they already fixed there problems with there remote


thanks for your answer, I bought the kit, I am going to have fun building my own electric skateboard :slight_smile:
I have several boards of longboard brand comet and kebbek now I just have to choose one, when I mount send photos to the forum and a video.


I’m using a comet deck


Just finished my first esk8. AT hub motors vesc. Fibreglass deck. Just like throwing things together.