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The pic in my profile pic is a db longboard freeride dt deck with the Evolve supercarve trucks and AT Kit. I just received my 2 focboxes today and only miss a few screws and an enclosure gasket to start the build. I like fast boards and after reading a few posts it seems the evolve supercarve trucks might not be the best option for speed (speed whobbles at moderate speed (30-35kmh)) . I’ll be able to tell you more once i’ve finished my build in about a week (dual aps 6355, 190KV, 15t/66t , 10s5p).


Whats up fellas! I can finally break out and post… thanks @treenutter

Ill still be lurkin for a bit. But im slowly piecing together a fishboard that will have some duel belts or direct drives, if i can snag some carvon td’s, and ill prob be buildng my own battery.

Anyways. Im in the sf bay area when i get my board up and runnin its gonna be my traffic killer. I need 4 miles to the ferry, 4 miles to my job in hilly san fran, and back. Tryin not to drive 30 miles in traffic each day.Im looking for a sweet spot of around 25 miles or so cuz my fat @ss aint gonna give this board no mercy.

Nice to finally intro. See ya round the boards…


Where did you source your long board I was thinking of getting the At wheels and using them on the torqueboard 218mm trucks


I bought it directly from Evolve France .
Unfortunately the Evolve AT wheels do not fit directly on the Torqueboard 218mm trucks…i know that sucks. I had the same idea as you before i bought the supercarves .


Hi everybody, i’m jacopo from Italy, i really love this forum, and the electric skates.
At the moment at home i have a evolve gt bamboo, but i will modify it. Than i have a mountainboard mbs comp 90, that it’s waiting for electric conversion.
Hope to learn a lot on this forum, thanks everybody :slight_smile:


Hello, have almost the same plans as you. I am finishing a build with dual 6355 190kv , focbox , 10s5p and for this fall i’d like to finish my trampa mountainboard wit hchaindrive . Post some pics of you GT mods once they’re done , i’ll post some too :wink:


Ok i will do :wink:


Hello my name is Mark “mars” my initials.
Born in Brisbane almost 60 believe it no, act it no, look it …two out of three.

Background mechanic … IT networking …always trained something, gym 25 years.
I’ve modified every car, computer, skateboard I’ve ever owned.
Always respected originality but never fast, powerful or shiny enough.

After 12 months trolling the net I pulled the trigger on a eBay Evolve GTX Street and AT.
4 weeks later another 2, $1000 Aus each 300 cycles and 3 cycles… .
I think I’ve got the eSk8 bug hahaha

This is a awesome site with a 1000 life times of knowledge up for grabs.
To whom it may concern many thanks.

Working on my first build …looking for stability at higher speed.
Not necessarily looking to ride at those speeds.
Carving on the GTX is awesome but over 35 Km becomes uncomfortable… lol
So far ordered:
@psychotiller …six shooters
@hummie …Round three wood and carbon deck group buy
@psychotiller SR 200mm RKP trucks with quick66 mounts
Psycho’s arc Enclosure with wire channel
Dual 6369 sensored 200kv Maytech motors

Hello to all.


Welcome to the forum @mars and thanks for the purchase of Sixshooters! Perfect timing on your part.


Hey there @psychotiller
Thankyou… I’ve been a fan of your work for ages…you and @longhairedboy and Kevin Dark.
Awhile back I was trying to find someone to make me a battery for an older GTX I bought only to find out they can’t be sent to Aus…heartbreak lol

I found someone in Perth zeroformdesign and then through this forum @TinnieSinker


While you’re at it, you should grab @psychotiller 's enclosure for that hummie deck! Hell while your at from psycho:

  • TKPs or RKPs with mounts (rkps more stable, tkps more carvey)

-hummie deck enclosure by psycho

  • Psychotiller power plant 6369 motors

  • 10s?p (whatever firs the hummie deck) made by psychotiller, unless you want to get into battery making… its a fucking blast! Figuratively and unfortunately literally if you aren’t careful.

Then take pleasure in the fact that you will have a better first build than 99% of people!

Your timing on the 6 shooters is impeccable! People have been waiting for a minute for these. Some of the best there is!


Hello @Sender thanks for the heads up.

TKPs or RKPs with mounts…I’ll have to look that up.

6369 motors also… I was looking for torque ….maybe 6380 170KV Torque Boards hahahah

I’m am sure @psychotiller 6369 would be plenty lol


Definitely plenty. Will blow that GTX out of the water. Just because things are availavle, doesn’t mean that what fits the bill of what you need or are looking for.

Either way, get that enclosure for sure. Tailor made for that deck.

And for sure get a set of trucks and mounts from him. They are the best. You will be using CNC precision trucks from Surf Rodz instead of cast calibers like so many.

You already have two amazing components, don’t let this bad ass set up down by going mid grade trucks. Get that fire!

If you want some more torque, he should have some 6374s back in at some point. But the most important os getting those trucks amd mounts. Based off what you described wanting, I would lean towards the RKPs. I promise you won’t regret it.


Yes I agree…looking for torque but not massive battery drain.

I’ll definitely be asking him about the trucks and mounts.

What about solder less battery packs? N.E.S.E or similar.


They are cool… but eat up a lot of valuable space. I would lean towards a custom battery build. Psychotiller already has a hummie deck on hand. Would be tailor freggin made. I would definitely buy a pack from him if I was looking to purchase.

Depending on the cinfiguration, you will have to alter the deck…


Yes I had a quick scan of that…lots of work for me.
I just liked the idea of being able to replace cells ease of maintenance.
No soldering some flex.

OK … cheers


Hey everyone. I just joined today. I ordered a Raptor 2 last year in June. My board finally shipped June 12th, but I was one of their lucky customers that got their board held up in customs ever since. We are reaching into 2 months of delay in shipping, and I’m getting impatient, so I decided to keep myself busy by DIY’ing my own board.

I have been looking through the builders community, and I’m in the process of collecting my own parts list. I am planning to create a dedicated topic once I decided what parts I want to buy, but if anyone is interested, here’s my document (switch builds by navigating the bottom tabs): - Feel free to come with input! :smiley:

P.S.: How do I create my own topic? I assume it’s because my account is new…


Hi all. I’m from Perth, Australia. I have been here for a couple of weeks, finished building my first board on the weekend with some online help of a few members on here. The community here is very welcoming and extremely helpful. My board is only a used as a commuter. Using an AWOL longboard deck with some chinese 90mm dual hub motors topped off with a chinese dual hub motor esc running on 6s 5000mah lipo.


So far I’ve taken it on about two 8km round trips and came back with 11.4v left in each pack both trips from fully charged at 12.5v. The ride was up small inclines and only at cruising speed (I haven’t been on a board in 15 years). When I get my mobile phone back from repairs I’ll be able to do more accurate range tests. So far I have only mapped out a route on google maps to my local grocery store which is just under 2km one way. I’m pretty pleased with my board considering it was cheaper to build and including to buy a lipo battery charger than any other chinese pre-built board. Plus I have the original trucks, wheels and bearings that came with the longboard which are better than the chinese set the hub motors came with but the chinese ones are still good, just a little squeaky.


Hi, i have been lurking for quite some time, and finally decided to bite the bullet and buy myself a wowgo 2s.

a little about me, i am 41 year old, and come from Leeds (UK), i couldn’t quite decide how my mid life crisis should proceed, and as i cannot afford a sports car or a 21 year old girlfriend, i opted for a wowgo instead, to be honest i have been toying with building a board for quite some time, but as the wowgo was cheaper than the outlay for a decent diy set up, i figured i would go this route first, and if i enjoy the hobby, then i might go bigger and better when i do decide to diy build.

i havent had all that much chance to get out on it yet, i blame work but really i need to give myself a kick up the backside and just get out, any how here’s a pic, i bought a Triple 8 dual certified, but much prefer the full face security from my sixsixone rage, also sport some TGS knee and elbow protection, along with some TSG wrist guards.


I hope you get terribly addicted @martwoody