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X-ray an esk8…for science :grinning:


Haha, I will try!


Hello guys,
As many others I am planning to build my own board. For the longest time I have been walking 5 miles a day to work/home and I am sick of it.
One of my problems right now is choosing the right deck for the job (I have read the post about decks :smiley: and it is really useful but doesn’t tell me what I need to know) the reason why is I want to use the board to commute during week days and on weekends I want to change the wheels for some 8’’ MTB All terrain wheels and use the board for off roading and I don’t know what to choose because I don’t have the experience you guys have.
I almost pulled the trigger on a Loaded Vanguard board, but I dont know if it is going to be a good choice for off road. Or should I go the other way around and use a mountainboard deck? Like a Trampa 35 or something?
My background is IT/Electronic Engineering so if you need help on that front please let me know.

Best Regards


Amen brother

I mean doing the same thing and I don’t think these guys hate me (yet) I have a whole “build thread” about it too

Are you sure you’re not me from-the future ? Me too! I’m doing It with the Jet Spud,

Nice to see you on here bro!


Thanks @Jc06505n ! Glad to be here.


Hello everyone,

I have been lurking on this forum for a few days already and the information on here is pure gold, thank you!

I’m in the planning Phase for a electric skateboard build. I have already some experience with ebikes and building my own batteries from 18650 cells.

Its also really nice to see how kind and civilized the members are. Im used to different behaviors on some forums with endless drama. :wink:

I will put up my shopping list next and it would be great if someone can give me a few hints.

Hear from you soon,




I’m a semi-new lurker to this forum, with grandiose plans of building my first esk8 as DIY as possible. A little background on me. I’m a 33 year old engineer; I grew up skateboarding but eventually transitioned to wakeboarding and snowboarding, with a few long boards in the quiver for the off season. I’m fairly familiar to the DIY / maker scene (arduino, Pi, chinese clone boxes and other SOCs), RC (FPV/LOS multirotors and quadcopters) as well as well educated on lipo and li-ion tech (I got obsessed with vapes and quads for a while, :smirk:). I’m decently handy and have rebuilt and modified a number of cars and jeeps, performed full home renovations, and I know my way around a computer build and diagnosing electronics. Being involved in so many hobbies and passions over the years, I’ve amassed a workshop full of tools to help me along my journey. Recently snagged the malectrics spot welder in prep to build a battery for an esk8 as well as a diy powerwall for my home.

I’ve read through all the new member posts and wiki’s for a while now and I’m in process of amassing a parts and tools list to begin my build. My current brainstorm plan is to build a esk8 for general cruising nothing spectacular. I’d like for the board to be able to hit 25mph and have a range of 10+ miles. my only requirements right now are a board with a kicktail that I can cruise but has decent response and I can dodge potholes and other road inadequacies with. I’m about 5’9" and weigh in around 160, I like a more turn-y ride and enjoy the tight turning of a sidewinder / spring loaded truck. Not a ton of huge or steep hills around the area, but would like the board to be able to climb if necessary. Please feel free to add any input that you may find helpful.

Stuff I have already:
Deck: Earthwing Team 37 (i’ve actually got a ton of EW boards, namely the supercharger, superglider and miniglider, but those boards are too sweet of rides to turn into a heavy esk8 imho)
Trucks: 10" Caliber II 50 with Riptide wfb pivot cups, 87A krank cannons BS and 87A krank cones RS. Looking to pick up a 44 deg caliber baseplate for the rear
Mounts: Have a set of marcmt88 complete drivetrains otw
Pulleys: 14T motor / 36T wheel for 12mm belts from marcmt88 set
Risers: Riptide esk8 risers
Wheels: Abec11 Flywheels in 90mm with Zealous Bearings

Stuff I’m planning on
Motors: dual 6354 208KV sensored BKB / Jlabs motors
ESC: Dual FOCboxes or dual FSESC6.6’s (waiting on more feedback on the Flipskys, but I wann run FOC)
Battery: 10S3P - 30Q 18650s
BMS: Besttech BMS? more reading necessary
Remote/Receiver/BT Module: Looking for suggestions in this area. havent gone down the rabbit hole far enough yet. I have some HM10s sitting around in a drawer, but metr seems cool.
Charger: will the xiaomi 42V scooter charger work in this application? (i guess it depends on BMS, again more reading is needed)
Enclosure: Still need more pieces before determining what enclosure I need
LEDS: I have a few strips of APA102c and WS2812Bs and some arduinos and WemosD1s around, or even an old F3 flight controller, might try to make a LED controller to stash in the enclosure that I can control / have the accelerator detect moment to change colors (silly, i know)

Pic of boards for attention!


Hey bro, I imagine you probs already figured this out, but you should be able to make that work. I would recommend buying a higher quality Vesc like Focbox, or even consider a Vesc6 or derivative thereof. 13s of Li Ion is not many volts less than your 16S setup. Think of motors in terms of watts. Watts being volts x amps. Say you have a 2000W motor, with your battery config you’d not want to apply more than 34 Amps to the motor (2000/58.5). There’s also the Erpm to consider, most Vesc 4.12 controllers don’t like anything higher than 60 00 RPM. The Vesc 6 and other controllers based on that design can take higher RPM.
I’m curious, what do you do that you have access to these packs? And are you able to procure more for sale?? Hope that info helps.


Hey guys, Panta here. An expat in China. I bought a cheap Chinese mountain board. It is fun but not durable in any way. I am hoping to upgrade to something much better. When the forum allows me to make a thread I want to search for a builder that can build a trampa/e-toxx direct drive monster of a machine. Unless someone can point me in a better direction then a tramp/e-toxx build. I want an all around monster. It will need to tackle some pretty rough terrain!


Hi everyone! my name is ranes from France. I’m interested by esk8 and I bought a Meepo v1.5.
I’m there because I wish to share my experience in electronics and skate. Of course I think lot of precious informations are written here and I’m looking forward to boost my knowledge.

Thanks in advance :wink:


Hello All,

Looking to make a Eboard but with bigger wheels, almost for offroad, but just for the comfort factor
What you guys think been looking at this as inspiration



Hi everyone,

My name is Mike, I’m from New Zealand and I’m keen to get some advice from experienced electric skateboard builders.

Specifically I’m looking to squeeze a bit more speed out of my current setup.
I have a mixture of cheapish parts from China that I’m reasonably happy with but I max out at 27 kmh (according to strava). I am currently running 6s lipos connected to one of these speed controllers: and my motor is a “Brushless Outrunner Motor N5065 270KV 1665W”.

My question is, will upgrading my batteries from 6s lipo to 10s lipo give me any more speed or will my motor be the bottle neck here?

I will also be upgrading my wheels and motor pulley but I’m most interested in the battery question.



Hi @miker,
I think your bottleneck will be your ESC. Those ESCs have a motor rev limit of … 6000RPM (someone correct me if I misremember).
Put your set up into to see what you’re at already.

If you’re at the motor RPM limit then you can gear differently to get better top speed.
If you’re not at the motor RPM you can add batteries until you reach it!

Good luck!


Hi @MonkeyM,

Thanks for that yes it looks like I’m pretty close to the 6000RPM limit so I think I’ll look at bigger wheels and motor pulley.

Then I guess my next question to the community will be about gearing ratios. My current setup is using a 16 to 48 tooth pulley setup (

And I am actually only running 70mm wheels.




Hi, I would like to build an electric skateboard for the Summer.

Current things I have purchased:
Calliber ii trucks
Enkeo longboard deck
Fake 83mm Abec11 wheel (slick revolutions)

I would like to purchase the rest:
Hobbyking sk8 motor, 6364,190kv
2*4500mah 6s to configure for 12s set up
generic 2.4Ghz remote from aliexpress
Hobby king sk8 motor mount + enclosure

The kit can be seen on this website

The problem with this kit is that the pulley set from hobby king is currerntly on backorder. I would like to buy from people on this site, but I am currently in Japan, so the international delivery is quite expensive :’(

I was wondering if the ones below would work well.,scm-url:1007.13339.99728.0

I am also unsure about my battery set up, please comment :slight_smile:


For a 12s setup you would need a 12s because you are going to wire the two 6s in series. So a 12s BMS that can deliver around 60 amps of discharge I think would be suitable. you wire them in by using the balance leads from the battery carefully following the diagrams provided from the manufacture of the bms. I would get a voltmeter to check which is cell one, two, three by looking at the voltage increases.

Also I noticed you did not included which VESC you would be using, which is something to consider.


Hey guys just looking for some help getting my parts list together.

I am looking at making a longboard with SixShooter Pneumatic wheels from psychotiller.

I am looking for some suitable trucks and motor mounts i am looking at the caliber II trucks found here

I am just worried about size and I can’t seem to find the axle diameter.

Any suggestions on this?


Nice looking board,love your griptape design i was thinking about doing the same with grip tape and some carbon wrap film. What kind of rear lights did you use? Are those flexible/adhesive leds that you’ve attached to the motors?


I think you’ll need TB218’s or Surfrodz , check with @psychotiller he’ll be able to help you for sure. I was also thinking about the Psychotiller wheels but because because i live in EU i bought the Evolve Supercarves with the Evolve 7mm AT kit.


Hmm I can see the GT At kit

Is that the same one? Looks good and saves me a bit of money on wheels