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Hi everyone! my name is Ash from Wales, U.K. Looking for a project to get myself busy with over the summer and have pondered over the mountains of electric boards currently on the market and have decided DIY is a good way to go to get my moneys worth! whilst also meeting some like minded and helpful people who most likely have a better understanding of how all of this works than me! haha no clear image of what im looking for currently but i’ll be sifting through this great forum for some advice!

Thanks in advance guys!


A good place to start


10s2p or 10s1p? What charge rating would you recommend for the battery? 20c?


Those things are tightly related but you mis-stated something there what you want to know is the ‘discharge’ rate not the ‘charge’ rate. The charge rate is always basically 1C if they don’t say otherwise which means you take the capacity of the battery in Ah and charge at that rate in Amps.

So if it’s a 5Ah battery for example (which I use) then it should be charged at 5A at max (will also depend on if your charger can put out that much current without overheating and shutting itself off).

Regarding the discharge rate if we assume it’s a 5Ah battery and 20C discharge rating (that’s max discharge, shouldn’t sustain having this much pulled from it) then you can safely pull up to 100A (5Ah x 20C = 100A) which I think is plenty. Say you have 5 2S in series or 2 5S in series it’s the same equivalent 10S so 37V nominal voltage * 100A = 3700W which is far more than the motor is rated to ever pull anyhow. You don’t need to do lipos in parallel if they are rated high enough, the higher the better though you will heat/stress them less and they will have less voltage dip under load (when amps are flowing).

Additionally the charge rate is important to be conscious of when it comes to setting your regen settings in the VESC so as to not dump too much charge too quickly back into the batteries, they can deal with more than 1C for a short period but don’t want to push them too much.

Sorry for the book… one last thing to add the C rating can be BS sometimes so looking for third party tests of internal resistance of the cells from different manufacturers compared to their claimed C rating is usually the best bet. Joshua Bardwell is an FPV geek I watch on Youtube who does some deep dive tests into different batteries/manufacturers and publishes his test data. Roughly speaking from what I’ve seen the C rating does correspond to max discharge but manufacturers may fluff the numbers some.


Hey everyone, been scouring this forum for info ever since I started my build but just recently became a member.

My setup:

39" Loaded Tan Tien board ( flex 1 )
Paris 50° front truck
ABEC II 97mm 75a flywheels
Bones Reds bearings
CarvOn v4 TorqueDrive dual 75k 400w motors
10s3p 30q pack w/ a 30a supower bms
Maytech v4.12 vesc ( x2 )
Maytech wireless controller

Still in the process of securing my enclosure but I have an idea in mind. Also just programmed my vesc’s using project-vesc’s tool as well as motor/sensor detection. Should have the last peice of the puzzle some time next week then I can actually start riding my board. Here are some pictures of my build:

Looking forward to being a part of the community. Cheers :slight_smile:


Hey guys. I am from Ukraine, there is almost no esk8 community, but i have great plans to build a personal transport of my dream :sunny:
Currently i have 3 stock boards, but i want to build more, with perfect setup for me.
For now i mostly like Predator Banshee, I know that author of this device is on this forum, so cheers to him :vulcan_salute:


Hi All,

I’ve mostly seen people riding Boosted boards around and I’ve wanted one for awhile, but so far I’ve never gotten to ride one. In April I ordered a Boosted Stealth. It’s still not here yet, but already I want to tear it apart and modify it. So I figured I better start building one of my own, otherwise I’m going to unbox it and have it in pieces before I ever get to ride it. I’'l post on the ‘builds’ thread here shortly, parts are already on the way.




I just started manual longboarding and I love riding downhill. So I thought why carry the board back up if I can make an electric. I’ve done electronics in school and building an EV sounds like a fun engineering challenge.


Probably not the best idea to make your first board from a boosted stealth


Hello everyone. MY name is Randy and I live in Kentucky. I recently purchased a used lift board in great condition for $40. Only catch is that it has no battery or ESC. So I have a board with wheels, trucks, and motor all ready to go.

I’d like some guidance on which battery and ESC I can buy to get this thing going down the road. I’m not looking to spend a lot of money, or have the fastest board. I’m happy with quality parts that’ll just get me cruising some sidewalks.

I have a beginners knowledge of how these boards are assembled and work, but I’m very good with my hands, and with a wiring diagram I’m good with electronics.

If someone can help me with recommending a battery, ESC, and any other parts or programs I may need to get up and running I will be eternally grateful.

Thank you!


Trying to figure out this forum interface, which I’ve found very unintuitive. @onloop you are listed as an admin so I figured I’d send you a pm, but I can’t find the button. My problem: I’m trying to post a topic but I can’t find the button for that either… :thinking: :confused:
Apparently there’s some sort of user trust level but I don’t know how to see my level or gain imaginary trustworthiness points so that isn’t helping much.


I think you need a certain amount of read time before all the basic privileges are unlocked. Helps prevent spam and troll posts from new members.


Hey dudes and dudettes! :call_me_hand:
I’m Nathan. I just bought my first complete deck, and now I’m looking to build something of my own. I need more power and range. Ultimately, I want to build two decks :v: One off-road beast that’s capable of riding dirt tracks through the bush and one smaller street board with a slight kicktail for ripping it up in the city.
Can’t wait to get started on it. I’m brand new to the DIY game, so there’s going to be a massive learning curve for me. :books:
Also keen to get to know you guys and hope to meetup for some rides in the future.


Hello everybody! I’m pretty excited to join the community! My friend bought a wowgo board and I fell in love with eboards, so now I’m trying to make my own. I’ve always been a diy kind of person, and have a lot of experience in similar kinds of projects.

I’m trying to make a particularly fast board, 35mph+, and haven’t settled on much of anything yet. I’m slowly earning the money anyway, so I won’t click buy on anything for a while. Any advice from an expert would be highly welcome! :slight_smile:


hi all!
I’m Andrew! Im from CA, USA. It was my birthday a few days ago and I pulled the trigger to treat myself to buy myself a meepo 1.5 30" !! upon receiving it, it seemed to me that I would prefer a longer deck instead. I recently picked up a used loaded vanguard flex 2 board for ONLY $25 bucks on offerup!
Planning to do a simple deck swap with it something not too crazy!
Still a novice at this whole Esk8 building thing, but Im sure i can get a hang of it!



Hey Guys,
I’m Harry. I’m a 16 year old maker, and I’ve done a number of projects over the years such as building a 3D printer and sending a weather balloon 100,000ft in the air. For the past few years building and flying drones has been my main hobby, but after I rode on an electric longboard for the first time about a year ago, I was hooked. It was one the most euphoric experiences I’ve ever had. I’m a long time snowboarder so it was incredibly natural for me. I sold all my quadcopter stuff, got a job, and I finally have a couple grand saved up to build a quality ESK8. The build is gonna have Carvon V4 Speeddrive R motors, Enertion FOCBOX escs, a @psychotiller built 12S4P 18650 pack, a Surf-Rodz front truck, and an Arbor Dropcruiser deck. I’ve been lurking on this forum for about a year, but I never signed up until now lol. I can’t wait to have my rocket of a build finished! I also weigh 130lbs so I won’t be running out of power anytime soon :smile:. If only those Carvons would be come back in stock!


Why did u go lipos?


Whoops I meant to say 18650 pack. Edited!


Hi everyone,
My name is Nick.

I bought my first electric skateboard in may, a secondhanded Evolve bamboo GT with the AT setup.

Have did a mod myself already, I thought the torque on the board was pretty high so I bought a 41.5" board and swapped everything on there.

Right now i’m in occupied with waiting for the parts to build and upgrade my battery pack with Samsung 30Q’s 10s 4p and also make it swappable with a bigger enclosure.

I will try to photograph the whole proces and when it’s done make a topic how I made it.

If there are any questions about how I want to achieve this just reply to my post or send me a message.
(ps sorry if my English is awful)


Hello. My name is Nathaniel or Nate for short. 27 years old.

I purchased a 2x 6374 190kV motors with @marcmt88 complete drive system and TB 218mm trucks from a friend @chris.hunt .

I have commissioned @psychotiller to build and assemble the rest of the parts with the following:

  • Red Ember Caldera deck
  • 10S6P 30Q battery
  • Dual FOCBOX’s
  • @psychotiller Altar Wedge enclosure
  • SixShooter wheels

I surrendered the task to a senior builder because I was afraid to mess up royally and waste my money.
I’m sure there is a negative stigma to those that do not build their own boards, so I plan on building a cheaper short deck cruiser that matches or exceeds a Boosted Mini S later in the future.

I am an X-ray Technologist, so if anyone of you take a fall and visit a hospital, I’ll be there to take a picture of your internal damages!

I hope to befriend all of you and maybe meet up for some rides here in southern California!