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(new) maytech mto-6880 190kv ha c3 (for the hard core)





prices are not bad in orders over 20

95$ for the 6880 10mm shaft
85$ for the 5570 8mm shaft

if you go one or two its in the 130$ range


Good price


that would be a group buy price if we can hit 20 or more






How about the mounting hole pattern?
68 means it will not fit on most 63 motor mounts right?


I will get all the info I can tonight and if we can put a group buy together I will not mind facilitating it we have more to order.

the rep will have a data sheet for me tonight with the hole pattern as well, but I suspect if your mounts have a recess the can sits in, then you may need a new mount. it’s just not enough to move mount holes


it looks like it will fit with the can pushed away and 2 sets of mounting holes


Is it sealed?


yes, and it stating dust PROOF not resistant



She will have specs for us tonight.
I will post ASAP


Damn I’m down for 4 of these lol


Group buy?


I am in for 2


I wouldn’t mind two.
Torn between this or seeing what black Friday has to offer…


Man I need to sell some shit to prepare my wallet for Black Friday


I’m outta shit to sell. Lol


I can definitely put one together. (Group buy) If I can get 20 the price will be under or right at 100$ each.