(new) maytech mto-6880 190kv ha c3 (for the hard core)

Just wired it up and oh my God. Words fail, the power is indescribable it literally wants to spin the wheel against the pavement. This is the motor I’ve been waiting for, unbelievable

Thank you @hyperIon1 and thank you @EileenMaytech


is this the normal 5:1 ratio or the mini version?

The orange is the normal Size gear, not the Small version.


Today I’ll be trying something new, and dangerous. Frustrated again by the extreme quality of wire insulation in these motors (which is great, unless you wish to solder them), I’ve decided that I am going to use a molten-salt bath. Based on what I’ve been reading over the past few days, the most effective way to remove wire insulation seems to be molten LYE (sodium hydroxide) and table salt. Gotta be very hot, and risk of chemical burns is real. I will try to document this as much as possible today. but progress may be slow due to danger.


Started a separate thread about stripping the wires. Now that I’m back on topic, and have both motors installed, let me say that I am truly astonished by the quality and power of this model. For the same current settings, these motors feel significantly more powerful than the 6374s I had previously. Wouldn’t matter what they cost, I’d pay it.

Here’s how i stripped the phase leads:


After spending some time looking at various 80xx motor options including Maytechs, I think this may be the sweet spot for ATB price/performance -
6880 160kv. The 80xx motors are pretty much twice the price which I don’t get (materials and effort x 2 is not) and the pre-order price has jumped a couple of times on the last couple of days which is a turn-off.

I have to admit I missed the boat on this GB. Next time…

For now I’ll stick with the 6374/6384 in the hope there will be a future GB


@banjaxxed if you find yourself in a position to buy a set of the maytech 6880s pull the f×cking trigger immediately


I’m in the position, but I’m alone :joy:


Talk to @hyperIon1. He hooked it up with a pair outside of the group buy for what i think is still a pretty great price


Need the EU thing, no urgency I can wait


Are these 10 or 12mm shaft?

160 kV or 190 kV?

190 and 10.

Any updates on these by the way? @hyperIon1

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Looking for x4 6880

Hey, maybe a missed it, do you know any shop that made them at a lower kV ? (<150kV)

Sounds like it is time for @hyperIon1 to do a group buy for a 150kv batch.

What is the MOQ for that? 20?


I have a shipment of motors going to the UK Monday and a shipment coming into the states at the same time. They will be coming off a small holiday at the factory.

Here are some factory updates on the motors that will be produced from now on. including this batch.

all motors will now have the correct 2.0mm JST sensor connector and motors in size 5055-6374 will have 4.0mm bullet connectors and the bigger 6880 and 8085 motors will have the 5.5mm bullets.

this batch they made the pase wires same lienght as the sensor, I know The next batch the sensor wire will be longer than the phase wires.

As for a full custom Group Buy a minimum order OF ONE TYPE MOTOR to have custom kv, logo, wires are #50

Im not sure that applies to the shaft, I can ask. really its a matter of approaching them with a list of requirements and seeing what they are willing to do.


so what are we looking for in this motor?

6880 or 8085 ?

KV 140, 150, 160?

Shaft size 10mm x ? we may be stuck with that in the 6880 can (10mm)

sealed or unsealed

give me some specs to work off of…


speaking for dirtsurf :slight_smile: 6880 140kv sealed, long sensor wire I’ll take 6


This has popped up at slightly the wrong time for me, the esk8 budget this mth got well and truely blown already, horribly blown.

But I would be on for 2 x 6880 of a mid kv (140-160 ) at the end of the mth to EU if we’re talking about matching orig. GB price