(new) maytech mto-6880 190kv ha c3 (for the hard core)

Honestly I’m thinking the 8085 160 kv may be a contender


Hmm, so I guess if the power is about the same, my next concern would be which is the better quality motor…? Any thoughts between Maytech and Torque Boards?

Dont forget about sealed vs not sealed :slight_smile:

6880 160kv


That 6880 160kv seems crazy! :crazy_face:


I want them lol

Same bolt pattern as 6374


From my understanding of how @hyperIon1 explained it before. The 6880 is basically a 6374 with larger can to accommodate an extra bearing. Its trying to accomplish a sealed motor with less heat issues.
Cory please correct me if im wrong or misunderstood what im remembering.


This is the impression I was under as well


So what is the advantage to this motor cause on paper it’s as powerful as a 6374 but it’s bigger and heavier. Is it more durable is the bigger bearing better?

The TB 6380s are more powerful on paper.

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Sealed w bearing support on both sides.


Hmm nice. So should be more durable in the long run.

I do want to change my motors in the future maybe I’ll go with these, if only they had 200kv

12mm shaft… :expressionless:

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It’s been stated before that the stature size is pretty much identical. The performance specs listed are also identical to the 6374. They should be bigger compared to the SK3 and offer similar endurance due to the larger bearing, better perhaps due to this being sealed.

I don’t make them, I just try to sell them… We will have an opportunity to sit down with the sales and engineering department from maytech this summer. We intend to bring a lot of suggestions for changing some of the details. Please remember they are still trying to cater to multiple industries but are realizing the need for specific requirements for esk8


I would like for them to make a motor for esk8 and eMTB with longer leads, correct sensor JST and standard shaft size.


Oh damn that’s disappointing… Makes me wonder about the 8085 you mentioned earlier… but I think that’s probably overkill haha.

the 8085 motors are the same ones used in aquatic hydrofoils its rated for 14s battery and a lot more amps, I’m sure it pulls more than the 6880


yeah but how much is useable due to lack of water cooling? :thinking:

I would imagine that thing gets H A W T

Rating for volts is misleading n only real limit is rpm of bearings