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Loony tunes, my favorite and on point


These black friday 99 dollar sales are as close as we will ever get to a group buy thing.


That would be great, although, free shipping might be a bit of a stretch i think :grin: but I won’t complain if they did. I have been thinking about grabbing a couple of those for a long time but I thought I had time and I am broke AF these days. Now it is too late :sob:


@onloop can you confirm when these Black Friday focbox’s will ship? Would love to grab 4 at this price. But don’t want to wait until April.


Did you order them already cause they are sold out


Oh danm… I was waiting till I get paid on friday. But I guess no more focboxes…


Yep if you go on the site it doesnt even come up


I’m hoping they ship in a reasonable amount of time.


Took exactly 6 days with my last order.
To Russia :sweat_smile:


I’m down for one as well


I was wondering if anyone has the bill of materials for the FOCBOX, otherwise I could pretty much just pick and choose my own brand from the schematics - ie the resistors and caps?

I’m planning to make a different form factor for one of my build later on.