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New Hummie Hubs!


Just added head and tail lights, ready for enertion on Oct 20 here in SF.

Will be adding video tonight I hope. Will show you some of the power these motors have!


more please


Quick edit thanks to go pro quik. Will be doing more/better edits also. Not sure why it exported in 360p, but I’ll fix that in the future. Was shot in 4k, lol.


Damn, those look quick. how fast were you going?


About 30 mph up hill. No issues accelerating on the hill. There’s 2 more blocks below where I started, so 6 blocks of decent hills, and I did that, up and down, stopping almost completely or completely, up and down. Did that up and down 3 times each way, so 18 blocks up and 18 blocks down 15% grade hills. Even with that, most were 138 ish F and one was 149 F.


It’d be awesome to get a similar video with a VESC readout!


And also without music, so we can hear (or not hear) the motors

Nice work, this semi-clear wheel looks sick


I need to, but I need a new phone first, lol. On an iphone 4s, and that processor can’t keep up with the video overlays. Been waiting for the iphone x for the past 5 months, lol. 2 more weeks…

I’ll see if theres another way before then.


Sorry for going so slow…or I should say stalling! The new design coming has a bit more room for windings. These that I have new are like surgery getting the amount of wire in I find I can fit.

assumed I’d be able to fit what the old manufacturer fit but can fit like 25% more and doing this acid etching to all of them and then cleaning them up is a pain. And the new design coming is so much better . they’re sending two Friday to confirm its good then all the rest within three weeks. +++++I’m off work and will have all the stators and wheels ready so as soon as the parts arrive (3-4 weeks) its pretty quick putting in the magnets and mounting the stators and out the door. Winding and tires are the real slowdown . I’ll post up a pic of the wheels and wound stators and the new motors, which should be here super fast shipping…mid week next week. Ships this Friday. Much better


Does anyone know where to order the Hummie hubs?


Pm @Hummie.


That sounds like belt performance. Nicely done.


Any guesstimated ETA at all on general retail availability? Next year maybe? I’m kind of waiting on these before i even consider switching to hubs, or even including them as an option.


We are hoping that by this time next month, we are starting to ship out motors to those who have already ordered. A lot hinges on the changes that are going to be on this new motor. The ones we are riding right now are bullet proof in my mind, but if we need to open them, they will be near impossible (or extremely difficult at best), because the ring needs to be glued and the bearings retaining fluid-ed. We also don’t have tool for getting them of the truck, haha.

By early December, I hope we have these in stock for a little bit at least. We need to order more once we confirm the design changes are good (and theres only one way to do that, which is riding). I have a feeling maintaining stock is going to be very hard to do.

We will have 50 pairs if there’s no errors in assembly made. I believe around 30 of those are already sold. So if you want to jump on board, I would suggest you PM hummie.

We still might do a kickstarter to help raise even more to do bulk buys. That will help us keep them in stock. Right now though, the demand is higher than we can output, haha.


@evoheyax I think i really want those hubs for a 4WD set up
But i m concerned by the small size of the wheel. I live in Paris and there’s cobblestone and cracks everywhere. You definitely need like some 90 mm wheel.
Hummies will be a very long stator and small diameter in order to dissipe heat right ?


Paris sounds a lot like Orlando.


Can’t be worse than Quebec :slight_smile:


if my customers’ boards are any indication, Ontario is absolutely terrible as well.


Being a new user on this board I don’t think I can pm just yet


You will be able soon enough. :slight_smile: