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New Hummie Hubs!


I have no doubt you have a better product than loopy… in fact if you do not i’ll slash my wrists to the god of hub motors!


Real talk, I can’t deny that his motors are larger, plain and simple. That will mean with 2 motors, he will likely win the race. He chose to go 2 mm short than us on stator length, but somewheres between 5-8mm wider in stator diameter. This means he has more space for copper, which means more torque, plain and simple.

However, like I said in the other thread, we all have our unique selling points. For us, you can request custom kv’s if you want a particular top speed, which no one else is offering. We believe we have the best mechanical design, and are the only one’s using a 12mm axle. We’re also cheaper than our competition. The carvons are using a very similar sized stator to us, so I think those will be the best for us to race in a 2wd setup.

We also have the most thane for any in wheel hub motor. Over 20mm on all sides of the can with an 83mm wheel and even more when we do the 90mm wheels. Not much less than a normal 83mm wheel as is.

The carvons are outside of the wheel, so you have a full wheel, but theres downsides to this approach too.

With the raptor 2 motors, your limited to only 11mm of thane on most of the wheel. But they replace the thane with more motor, so… It’s all about trade offs. I believe the raptor 2 motors are more than what most need in terms of power. Heck, I think these new motors are more than most will need in terms of power. It’s just, we needed something large enough to not overheat, lol. Since he wanted to seal the motor, he had to make the motor bigger to have the same cooling effect as our motors, which are not sealed. Again, trade offs, that end customers need to decide on.

I think who has the best is too subjective at this point. They are all good, you can’t go wrong with any of these three options. But we will always strive to be the best. We’re not done designing even more power motors either. For those who want even more power, we will bring back the 3x long motors. It will happen in due time, once we get the first 100 batch hopefully sometime early next month. We’ll use the little profits we are making to get the 3x long design modified, and into production :slight_smile:


More testing is coming. I am working with a friend who has a degree in cinematography (also a good skate buddy that i’ve been filming parts with for the past 8 years since I was a freshman in high school, lol) to make some good quality videos (not just shitty cell phone videos).

This is on this list on things to do… Maybe next weekend. I have a lot of exams and projects due this week.


Wow. That is all up hill. How did the battery last? Temps?


Haven’t done it yet, but will be the first REAL hub motor test. Hoping next weekend.


I did do a test today of hill climbing a 20% grade hill. Speeds were around 25 mph still, and did the test for around 15 minutes straight, up and down, up and down. Probably did 20 laps, and max temp was 151 F in one and 130 ish F in the rest. Not bad at all.

Cores are working well, no deformation so far, and ride quality is far better than the small motors wheels.


This is what I like to hear. I ordered a pair through Hummie. What do you think of higher KV wraps?


Not really sure how things will go. Again I’m riding 4wd, so I will see a decent bit less of heat than a 2wd will.

my kv is low, 80kv, so I can get better torque and efficiency. Turn that into a 105 kv (which is the dream, top speed around 35-40 mph) and we’ll see more heat, that’s for sure.

But again, so much comes down to rider weight, style, and hills. I know hummie will do fine with 2wd of these. But he’s like 130 lb and I’m 200 lb. So takes a lot more amps to push me up a hill. More amps = more heat. I also ride more hilly terrain than him, so even more to him.

Again though, my windings are not a full copper fill, so we will see how a full copper fill performs compares to these also. We expect even less heat.

Either way, we’re doing the triple wides again at some point in the future. Those should run even more efficiently again, as bigger stator, and more copper. I think a dual drive triple wide at 105 kv will even be plenty for me…

Until then, these 4wd of the double wide are overkill already :slight_smile:


You about to make me order 2 more…


lol, If your not heavy and not riding in extreme hills, 2 is fine. Wouldn’t be selling pairs of two if I didn’t think they were the best for most people. But do take all factors into consideration. 4 will always be better than 2, and provide a way better riding experience in general (feels more natural to have torque applied evenly to all four wheels, instead of 2).


I’m 260, I think that qualifies as heavy. Definitely on the upper end. Not going to be going up anything higher than 10 percent grade.


Yes, I would recommend 4 motors for your case.

10% grade is not that much, but it also depends for how long. A few 10% grade hills won’t do much to the motors, but if thats 50% of your ride, it will impact the motors significantly.

I am 200 lb with a lot of hills, so I use 4 motors.
250 lb+ with moderate to little hills should use 4wd.
Everyone below 200 lb and with moderate hills should be fine with 2wd.

Rider weight does play a huge role.


Imma try out the 2 I get, then I’ll probably order 2 more… But fk I am excited!


Very cool!


Any updates on the progress?


yea I’m using acid to fix a screw up with the machining I had them do. using electricity and ferric chloride and actually just vinegar and Epson salts work well and not as nasty, using a laptop power source that puts out I think 25 watts but I forget. I’ll post a video. ive got wound stators galore waiting for them. it was a goof that I didn’t realize would be such a bitch to deal with. either hours of sanding just to do one or this acid is going pretty quick and for sure can get at least 2 of these done a day. nothing else holding up except need to pour more wheels and that can happen…but I’m signed up to work all week (sub teacher) and didn’t realize so just doing nights on this. getting two others going now but really these are the fiiiirst motors and will do like ten at once very soon. people are like “sure you will”. give me a week and things will be popping out. i’ll be riding tomorrow night at least with these two and will get numbers immediately:
winding resistance
efficiency revelation in some form
and a gopro up a mountain too hopefully.

not too much to do. I do things in spurts.


the test video is amazing!!! cant believe how quiet these things are. great job! wish i was in CA. i would gladly help you with better photos and promo video.


They are very quite. Ironically, you hear this electric noise in the background while I accelerate, that is an electric muni bus, not me. But we both started accelerating at the same time coincidentally, haha.


Any new video or torture test?


Likely will be this weekend. Got a 4k go pro yesterday :stuck_out_tongue:
This is a horrible week for me, haha. 2 midterms tomorrow back to back and a big project was due last night. Worst part, these are all upper division Computer Science classes, so not easy stuff, haha.