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New Hummie Hubs!


Why do you break all your toys lol?


technically it’s not broken, it’s just going to be a challenge to swap it out!

i got some phil bearing grease yesterday. i’m going to clean it out again, and apply this instead of the white lithium grease that i had. hopefully that clears it up.


update: cleaned them out as best i could (second time), applied grease, still loud. i think the bearings are shot :frowning:


it looks like the inner ring of the bearing is missing a part no?
I remember evohyax was still able to ride around with literally about half that part youre missing a bit of. sketchy. I don’t trust ceramic bearings anymore. and they were so loud it sounded like there was a gas motor somewhere.


these are steel bearings if i’m not mistaken. and i removed the ring to expose the race so that i could clean it. here’s what it looked like after the cleaning. i’m wondering if the bearing is actually damaged from rolling around with rust.


Hehe they’re now broken in! :wink:

I’d say, if they make some noise but roll good under load, and don’t get hot, no worries. If they get hot, no bueno.

Sometimes bearings can feel weird with no load, but once you get weight on them they’re fine.

Hm but these are R2 hubs, right? They get hot on their own under normal operation? So it’ll be difficult to see if the bearings are heating up?


lol i wouldn’t call that broken in. the other R2’s i’ve seen are stealthy and silent. people definitely hear me coming.


I definitely like this in NYC :slight_smile:


whats the little gap in the dark material on the left hand side in this last pic? i guess that’s not the bearing race.


Except it sounds like you’re parallel parking a car that’s low on power steering fluid


Not sure. Both motors are like that though.


So how do these hubs compare to belt drive? Iv heard your hubs are the best


I feel a very long answer coming that I’m stifling. Give me a bit more time as the main parts are coming today, molds are done, the other small parts will be sent by the end of the month and then I can talk it up with a video and data showing how they cope with some continuous high power and its high temps.


Still one short?


all good! thanks. but keep in touch and as soon as I’ve got the motors out the door to folks from long ago…


Cool maybe a eu group buy could be set up but ya iv a build coming up these could be perfect for stealthboard lol


We definitely should place an EU GB !


I think there are already some guys from EU/EØS who bought the motors,including me.


I’d be interested in a eu gb depending on price


Couple Things

thing 1. - Shipping mass trans atlantic is ludicrously expensive
thing 2 - Import taxes (unless hummie is willing to falsify value) are stupid pricey
thing 3 - Hummie currently only has the limited numbers from his initial order

thing 4 - i will do a final ultimate/grade final gb for EU whenever hummie does have stock to move because
a) i dig what he is selling
b) i like to help good people (hummie is/has been a righteous dude to deal with)
c) I can help him and those wanting his wears, out by avoiding thing 1+2

thing 5 - I just decided to offer this and will only proceed with hummies blessing/ after he has the merch and I find a group looking to purchase EU side. If this happens I will create a thread per usual with my GBs. If this happens twil be a limited group, as i carry the goods in checked bags while I fly and there are bagage restrictions

Also, some background - I have been throwing money at Hummies projects since 2015ish and will have one of these first beauties in Spain as soon as available
I have sold/use the original hummies hubs wish are generally awesome

Love H