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New Hummie Hubs!


yes I think so!
I can get wheels done at a decent pace as soon as the molds are done, and I’ve got a bunch of stators already wound, gettting magnets in is pretty quick too. wont be long


Just past that two week mark. What’s up, and when are you taking my money?!


she says the main parts are all done and can be sent and just the aluminum flanges that hold the wheel on and the new nut will be another week. I’ll get the main parts now and can press stators on and glue the magnets in in the meantime
but…need bucks to get the parts back here. if anyone wants a set at 470$ including the two motors, two trucks, two centax wheels, two motor tires, now would be the perfect time.


This has probably been asked and answered but I’m lazy today, are they gonna be sensored?


Seems like no.


no. I don’t want to do it because with the vesc and foc and high motor amps I can start from practically a standstill. seems another thing to break and more wires to deal with.

but need one more person. bucks have come and gone and then surprise I need more.

hold on people. bear with it a bit longer. I know some of you are probably under deep snow and tell me no rush but some of you are wondering how something can take up to a year! hoooold on almost.


Too late


Someone give this man his money, so we can get our sweet loot



@Hummie counting on you!


Ah man I wanna but just got put on emergency tax after job move :weary:


Is that a hot dog on tin foil?


sweet potato! haha. so easy to make cant go wrong.


the main parts are in the mail DHL and scheduled for delivery to me Monday! They have two other parts they’re doing and tell me they will be done and sent before the end of the month when their holiday starts and then another maybe 2 or 3 day shipping with DHL. coming.


Hey Hummie, any Idea how much the shipping would be to Sweden? I need these friggin’ hubs :grinning:


the old motors I sold i shipped a lot to europe and it was around 70 bucks but those were lighter so…maybe guess at 120$


how do the bearings come out when they need to be replaced or cleaned?


you can take the c-clip off the back of the motor and get out the small bearing and for the big bearing you have to also unscrew the motor off the axle. it’ll be a long time till they need to be replaced being huge, sealed, and with high-temp resistant grease.


you’d be surprised at what an east coast winter can do to bearings. sealed or not. i learned that lesson with my R2 this past week.


Do you have pictures?