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New Hummie Hubs!


and these parts go with this hanger. nut is reverse threaded. hub is threaded. so effectively a big nut with a locking reverse threaded nut on top.


Question Hummie : I’m planning on purchasing 2 motor package via steelhubs (the $265 package) will I be able to take the motors off of the trucks, or are they permanently on there (ie: welded on)? Also what are the dimensions/ specs of the motors? Thanks! If anyone else knows the answer to these let me know! Thanks!!!


that’s all very old and don’t sell those anymore. just the new coming and not taking orders for those anymore till in my hand and shown to be good


any idea/ estimates on when you’ll be selling motors again?


maybe week. dare I say two.


awesome!!! Can’t wait :smile:


Looking forwards to these, got everything ready bar the battery :slight_smile:


Back in the Hummie V1 motor days, I made the first round of hand poured wheels for testing. I did some translucent green wheels that looked really cool. My mold was also set up much nicer than the production wheels with the mold split line ending on an edge rather than mid-span on the wheel so I never dealt with flashing. I’m still running the same urethane and ride about 5-10 miles a week running my dogs for exercise. From what I know of running production wheels with cool graphics and all that, you need to supply many dozens of molds to the casting facility at a big expense. It’s cool to see the evolution of Hummie’s motors so I here’s to a productive 2018!


Super Excited to see these!


Too early to start the drum roll?


Nice, how did you made that mold? acrilics lids and body plus a 3d printed insert?


Silicone mold taken off a high resolution 3D print, then 2-part 85A urethane cast into mold.


Don’t worry, this version of hummie hubs has some real nice urethane on its way.


Thanks, did you tried using the 3D printed pieces directly? if sanded and primed you can get it very smooth


I don’t want to hijack Hummie’s thread too much talking about mold making but the original pattern was a 3D Printed piece made on an Objet Polyjet printer which has much better finish quality than a typical FDM style most consumers use for making parts. The print was sanded, primed, sanded again, and then molded in a high durometer silicone for dimensional stability. I work in the silicone and urethane casting material business (technical sales, teaching, and make all of our tutorial videos) so I ended up helping on the project when I knew I could prevent mistakes. Wheels were the EZ part. Motors, bearings and windings was where Hummie needed to spend his energy fine tuning.


Thanks for the insight


@Pylonflyer can you make some tutorial on the forum? Maybe how to use 3D printer an make it easyiest possible way? That is very interesting and could help some people including me to make some prototypes and test ideas :slight_smile:


I was thinking about that. Maybe start my own thread on 3D printing, Molding, and Casting. Here is a link to a playlist of videos that show many examples of 3D Printing and Silicone molds for prototypes and short-run production:


Mhh… i see there is much space left for some hall sensors, would be a shame to not include them, or an other kind of encoder;)


In the new motors there’s very little space for sensors. It could be done and has been but doesn’t seem worth it.