Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | R-SPEC Drive Kit $579USD

New Hummie Hubs!


By this time next year I will own these hubs dammit. Hummie deck on the way. Already have arc V2 enclosure. Can’t keep them separate for long.


My dad is in Vegas for CES, if you swing by i’d super appreciate it if you’d be willing to let him check out the boards! Let his get an idea of what i keep visualising heh :stuck_out_tongue:


I had a dream last night were I designed a hanger around your hubs, made them a direct drive, and was zooming around

I hate waking up :man_facepalming:


:joy: Awesome. If we talk in a dream tell me what I say!


I heard you say once:

Sure moon, I would love to give you some free hubs


sounds like my nightmare. But come to sf and make the dream a reality for a bit.

The needed stators I think are showing today so can finish the last motors.


@Hummie i think i broke something. On one of the motors the plate that the phase wires come out of is now free to spin around the axis. I noticed when it yanked out my phase wires.

Does that mean the stator has come loose and is spinning? Is the stator threaded onto the axle? I just need a big hex bit to tighten it?

And do you think it’s safe to ride home with it loose? I’m not sure I have the tools at work.

I think the focbox might have survived, maybe because the MT60 disconnected all 3 phases at once.

One motor down feels way less than half power :slight_smile:


Yea with one motor down feels way less. But u need a hex and two pin bike wrench. Park tools make s nice one with a green handle for ten bucks. I wouldn’t ride with it loose. You tighten the part the phases come out of w the two pin, regular clockwise, and tighten the nut on the other side with the hex counter clockwise. Maybe a spot of loctite. I didn’t use any.


Thanks hummie, you’re awesome.

Damn, subway ride home today :frowning:


Was fortunate enough to experience the Renegade Weekend Redux with @Michaelinvegas and #JerseyJosh earlier this week while at CES.

Daytrip to Wetlands and Night ride on Fremont captured a mini-taste of what I missed back in October.

Many kudos and appreciation to my two gracious hosts who have already published to their instagram, but a few visuals include:

Thanks for all the good times, and look forward to eSk8ing with you in NYC someday!


And got more eSk8 Squad swag to join my eSk8 Squad NYC bag!


My first Hummie Hubbed ride :tada:

Stupid weather but I had to :wink:
I bought @Powadangaboards hubs when I had the opportunity :smiley: I will combine the hubs with @LukePL integrated enclosure deck when its finished. Now I have a working setup so I can rewind the Landwheel hubs I used before without hurry.


Wow. Didn’t realize the erpm is so low.


13s baby!!


1:1 gear ratio. That’s what you get. so it’s 2-3x lower than belt drives, depending on gearing.


Did you run over a squirrel?



lol, thats what I thought too when I saw how it looked through camera :slight_smile:


More telemetry and squirrelhunting:

The bearings start to loose up which is nice since the coasting disability is the only downside so far :slight_smile:


Bearings are getting better and better :slight_smile: