New Hummie Hubs!


Slow but surely, sensors are going in.

Stator is now 47mm x 47mm. Winding and pressing tomorrow.


How did you reduce the length?


But I hear there are smaller sensors.

U can take the stator lams off pealing them a couple layers at a time and then reseal it with j and b weld or something


hey how do those new R2 hubs stack up against these? sorry if this is off topic I was looking through a bunch of products but didn’t see any comparisons, maybe I just need to dive deeper?


I personally think the hummie hubs are better because of the better thane and lower kv. If the raptor hubs were in a drag race with the hummies and both setups had the same battery, esc and motor / battery amps then the hummies would win because of that lower kv and smaller wheel diameter. The raptor hubs are more expensive and I much prefer the hummies because of their better torque and riding experience. I value torque over top speed because I don’t really like going 30+ on some of the roads I take everyday and use the extra torque more that speed. If you want the most speed you can possibly get go with the raptor hubs. If you want a better riding experience and more torque go with the hummies. If you have more specific questions just ask.


If you want more torque and speed - hummies + 13s :wink:


@Friskies :wink:


I’d love to see a drag race between them.

Have you tried a raptor 2 though? It has plenty of torque compared to less than any 6374 dual setup with equal juice.
That is a little bit my guess.

I’ve tried a few 6374 dual setups.
Also tried a few 6355 and whatever boosted and evolve are and the raptor 2 would easily beat these setups off the line and top speed.


I ordered the raptor hubs and TB DD. Will be comparing them all when they arrive.


Mine arrived & what’s more they missed the valuation (YMMV), so alls well that ends well.

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Maybe they will send you a bill in the mail


fedex do that, they give you the item and then a bill a couple days later, royal mail, parcelfarce, dhl aand ups all hold the item till they get paid


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To my memory only Fedex do the post-delivery letter, the other shippers get the € in their hand before you get the package, my parcel came via An Post the national carrier who only give you items due fees after you pay, so pretty sure this will be good

I got lucky


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