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New Hummie Hubs!


Atlanta roads are rough and hilly as well…we have lots of smooth paths but sidewalks are sketchy too


i was up in Peidmont Park in Atlanta not too long ago. Bitchin place, had an awesome time.


Don’t worry about wheel size, it’s a very easy fix. We are making 90mm and 97mm wheels, and 107mm. For 2wd, you are stuck with 83mm for the time being, because we don’t have matching front wheel. But for 4wd, you can select any of these sizes. If hummie tries to tell you 83mm only when you buy them, don’t worry. We are making the molds for these larger sizes for 4wd. He’s a bit resistant, but if need be, I’ll take some charge there, cause I need them personally. Had I had 90mm or 97mm wheels, I might not be laid up in bed right now :frowning:

For 4wd, you can use any of these sizes. if you do want super large like 107mm, you will want a lower kv motor, so let us know. I will talk to john and try to sit down with him and organize the pre-orders. They are all in paypal right now, so we won’t miss anyone. But we’ll need to go back at some point soon and see what sizes for those who are ordering 4wd you want.

You need a stator large enough to not heat up in the first place. The option is either wide and short or narrow and long. The first option is what most hub motor manufacturers try to do. It results in a thin urethane patch. What we are doing is the second case. By having such a long and narrow motor, we get the power and efficiency needed from a motor, while giving you a lot of space for urethane. Compared to an 83mm abec flywheel, our urethane depth is only 2mm less. So the argument of less urethane is becoming harder to claim here. We have almost the same as a traditional long boarding wheel.

4wd with these run cooler than the raptor 2. I mesured temps of the raptor 2 on Friday at the event. Moja’s raptor 2 motors were at 104 F while my motors where at 90 F. Heat in 4wd especially is so far from an issue, that you can forget about it. Even the heat in 2wd I suspect will be minimal in most cases. I still recommend 4wd though, as I find it’s more of a predictable acceleration and braking, better traction on sketchy roads, and will reduce wear and tear on the motors for an even longer life. I expect the life of a 2wd though even to be many years.


last many years? I expect the mechanical parts to last a lifetime at least. it’s like if a car salesman were to tell you that the wheels on your car are warrantied for a year and after that they might fall off. no way that would be acceptable. the new design even though hollow, at its thinnest is still the equivalent of a solid 12mm axle, unthreaded, in mass, and this material is put at a larger diameter at 20mm with a 16mm inner diameter. that’s way stronger than even a 12mm solid axle. these are expected to last a lifetime at least. and that doesn’t mean when they break and you fall off and are dead the warranty is over. I will give anyone a new set if they break the mechanical parts of these ever. none ever broke in the past other than an 8mm snapped axle on a freak prototype long version. not ever again.


Can your remind me, how much does your 4wd board weigh?


About 25 pounds now.

Samsung 30T or 40T 12s4p 4WD better for Esk8?

wow surprisingly light! I’m watching these motors closely, waiting for the dust to settle a bit.


I’m thinking of running these with the v4 speeddrives. Maybe just once to test.


Had the same tought
But i don’t see any interest at the end
Wether you go carvon AWD wether you go hummies AWD


4wd 12S6P and only 25lbs? Nice, my 4wd is just under 30. Where do you think your weight savings are coming from?

Samsung 30T or 40T 12s4p 4WD better for Esk8?

Sounds like there’s some cool stuff right around the corner!


Wheels? You run some heavy wheels.


Good point, thats probably it.


I don’t think it’s 6p now. I’ve been ridding it. I think he was talking about some possible future board. Don’t know what this weighs


They tell me in five days they’ll send the parts. Always a delay I know but they are a real place and real MOTors wil be made. Soon come hold onto your remotes


ugh and they tell me Thursday they will send now! at least they’ve been showing me pics and things are looking good.


@evoheyax I noticed that the wires on your test board is going underneath the hangers. I assume you are doing this because it is easier to route the wires into the board setup that you have.

Is it possible to route the motor wires above the hangers when using a different deck setup?


@Hummie @evoheyax Any news guys ? New pictures ? videos ?


12S5P AWD on 16/33 ratio with 107 superflys. Propels a 220 pound man up to 37mph (actually done, not theoretical) while carrying an additional 15-20 pounds of work related crap. board weight: 24 pounds.

we may be bumping this guy’s board up to an 11 ply deck soon however, i’m seeing signs of wear that concerns me for this particular rider. Also he seems to like to crash into things. That weight class is definitely pushing the upper limit for my typical 9 ply decks at the wheelbase that i used here, which is longer than usual.

So lets talk about torque on a 5074 stator or whatever it is you’ve got in there because i’m eagerly watching this and hoping for hubs or direct drives that can actually compete with belt reduction. I’m watching you guys and working with Carvon so i’m obviously not married to belts but so far…


i got one motor to confirm the new design and its all good except one mistake where the bearing housing is too loose for one bearing. I guess this is to be expected and that’s why they only sent me one to confirm things. They say ten days till the rest are done and they’ve always been maybe two weeks behind schedule but we will see I guess.

Talking of torque with a 5074 stator…well it’s 4752 in these motors so not quite that big. I think what’s really worth comparing is the Km, which is the torque output efficiency. So a smaller motor with 100kv will put out as much torque per amp as a 100kv big motor, as defined by their kv, but almost always the bigger motor will be more efficient so it can put out that torque or power for a long time and stay cool, and therefore continue to keep its good efficiency because its cool and get better range. It will have a better Km.
I’ll post up some pics of the new motor later tonight which show how it’s built and that’s the advantage of this newer design.
But besides design and back to talking of km effects this new motor is as big a motor as @evoheyax has been using so seemingly similar, but really since we rushed to get his wound the weight of the copper shows he’s got 100 grams and after figuring the ideal winding I get 120 grams in, which results in him having greater wire resistance at .06ohms than my .05ohms. So put an amp through and you can calculate how much will turn to heat. I have a better Km motor but we have the same kv.