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New Hobbyking motor - 6374 sensored


No I don’t think so


These are actually 2mm longer than the sk3s…


12mm, no room either way though


Damn, I just ordered two of them to mount them on a caliber II. Got 9 mm belts…
Do you know how the 6354 perfoms?


Was thinking about it some more, and my calculation was basses on 15mm belts, if you go down to 12mm you should have a reasonable amount of axle thread sticking out.


Yes and no. The fan even though fully sealed should help redistribute the heat from the stater to the can which is ribbed. Obviously open would cool better but then it would suck dirt into the motor.

What I do not like is all the extra length at the rear of the motor. Can’t see how that serves any purpose?


Also, the fan doesn’t spin with the can?? I do like the large bearing tho


This is just a theory, but I think it attaches to the blue part of the can with that screw hole at the front. So it can spin. Otherwise its just a waste of space and money.

Edit. If true it means the front of the can is supported by the large fan bearing, which should make the motor more reliable. :crossed_fingers:t3:


so, what is the consensus on these?
I am about to build my first single motor esk8 and deciding between the sk3 and sk8 6374


That’s not what I was hopping for. why they had to make it bigger… sk3 is already too big. I’m pass


It is common in motor manufacturing for hobby stuff like ours to make the can a little bigger than it needs to be. I see this all the time with inrunners for rc cars. The stator iron and the windings are about 10cm away from the wall of the can. My guess is they do this to make the motor look like it has more volume. bigger motor is better right?

Don’t fall for it. We all know on here that the copper mass and stator volume is what really matters


So does that mean that 6364 would be enough? (I weigh 67kg)


First board I had was a 6s 6364 with 75 kg. It was enough’ish.
10s 6364 is awesome


never get enough. I’m going for 12s dual 6370


Done, I guess I’m doing dual 6364 with 10s, although @onepunchboard is also right. I will miss that jet-engine sound of the sk3 though…
Does anyone know yet what kind of running temperatures we can expect?


dual 6354’s barely fit on TB’s trucks, are you going to mount dual diagonal?


I have trampa mountainboard trucks so it’s all good.


lower kv means thiner wires so less current


So do we have a bottom line on the new 6374 149’s?

Are they demonstrably better than the old ones?



no not better. only added sensor and bigger motor can same motor inside even to the weird fan design