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New Hobbyking motor - 6374 sensored


Been running the orange ones forever on a bunch of setups and love them!, these are even better…funny how the thread blows up when they change the color to blue! You superficial women!


Yeah, I was hoping maybe they saw the issues we were having with dual mounting and compresseed it closer to ACTUAL 6374… but heres to hoping, they double downed and added a few mm, lol.

Oh well, I just got the sk3s sorted on Surfrodz trucks with psycho mounts. I better get my “WIDE LOAD” sign ready…


I was able to dual mount them…


Depends on the level of risk your happy with and how fastidious you are with maintenance. I think it could work. I once had a rear wheel come off while ridding (different trucks) but it was due to the nut being at the end of the thread and the nut was kinda old so the nylock was worn. I was not going that fast and as it was a rear wheel it just dragged on the ground so it was not dangerous in that situation.

If you do it, use fresh nuts and maybe some lock tight. Also check they are tight regularly.

(Alternatively cut 5mm of each end of the hanger to make it really safe.)
Edit! Actually I dont think that will work if your already pushing the motor mount and wheel all the way out to fit the motor, more axle towards the inside won’t help. :thinking:


The orange motors are shorter, 5035 stator compared to 5045 on the new blue 6374…
They even look shorter in your pic dude :thinking:


According to the spec listing the orange one is about 10mm shorter than the blue 6374. According the post above the blue one with the bump at rear measures 89mm total length. Why hobby king does not list total length I dont know?

@squishy654 how much axle thread is past the nut? And how much gap between the motors?


@pixelsilva, where does one get this mythical 6289? Linkie?


This? …:eye::point_down:



…I think you’ll get it here…:point_down:

Finally Surfrodz RKP Motor Mounts " Pyschotiller Mounts "

To add to this, the 6354 variant of the SK8 does not fit in dual with caliber trucks


This would fit. A silly set up while I wait for my trampa vertigos and direct drive.


I think the risk sounds like its worth it, would not be on a daily board but it will be quick :wink:


Do you mind measuring the full width of those 6355s? Want to see uf they will fit @psychotiller TKPs… same with the overall width of the 6364s if anyone has em.


if you have a 6374 sk3 could you get the same measurements? or if anyone can get me the measurements ? im wondering if its possible to dual with 1 of those motors and a sk3 6374…i would measure myself but i wont be able to get to back home for another week


I’d guess around 70mm. I’ve got the old orange motor which seems the same as the new 6364s and that’s about 80mm.

The total lengths on Hobbyking seem correct, except they don’t include the rear nub which is just under 9mm.


My Sk3s are right at 87mm

The battery is dead on my calipers fyi.

Finally Surfrodz RKP Motor Mounts " Pyschotiller Mounts "

thanks this is just what i needed



Does it make sense to anybody how these motors are designed?
Seems they have a cooling fan but no ventilation holes.
And a large amount of lost space between the stator and the fan.
And the outer shell is 62mm but that’s not where the magnets are. They seem to be 1,5mm more in which results in 58mm diameter or even less.


Finally, a pair of those new 6374 motor can go on 218mm TB trucks?


Do you run 9 or 12 mm?