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New Hobbyking motor - 6374 sensored


Thanks I will check mine too!


Hi everyone, I haven’t read the whole 300 posts here.
Can you summarise the 6374 SK8 complared to the SK3 line?
differences in the datasheet like sensor is known.
But what about the quality, and inner specs?


I believe the sk8 is sealed more it has a lot shorter phase wires than the sk3.


For those interested I just ran a quick KV test on my 130KV sk8 and it actually is 132KV so not far off from what is advertised.


from what i can surmise the sk8 internally is the same as sk3 but is sealed with shorter phase wires.

i just put two of the 6364 190kv motors on a new build last night. got it calibrated with a very short test ride. motors are very nicely balanced and quieter than the TB 6374, as punchy as the sk3 (anecdotally).

only thing is you’ll need to supply your own key. i just wound up crimping up some nickel strip into a key.


smh how do you learn without reading?


Okay so I’m wanting to know, did we figure out if two of these 6374 will fit on TB218 or should I stick with 6364?


Click that magnifying glass on top, select search this topic check box and put „tb218” in text field. YW.


has anyone taken this motor apart yet?

i need to replace sensor wire.


edit, my bad it, it’s been opened:


Any suggestions where I can get a key for this? My order has been sent so I can’t add stuff without outrageous shipping expenses for such a small part… eBay sources welcome!
Edit: would this 8x3x3mm key with rounded ends fit without further machining?


If the key is slightly too big, just rub it on sandpaper, should not take more than a few strokes


Do this motor still come without a c-clip ?


Nope but there is a brass retention sleeve that you put on the shaft before the pulley and it keeps the motor can in place… if your pulley does not come loose.


asked on live chat how long it should take to be back in stock
answer was: drum roll
2nd week of october


That will only work if you buy the hobbyking motor mounts/the rest of us will have to align the pulley with the drive train/shaft collar needs to be used.


I’ve been running those motors for a while and the only time the motor can came loose it was because of a loose pulley. But the shaft collar needs to be on the shaft and there should be no play between the pulley and the collar. In my application I was able to adjust the position of the mount and the position of the wheel so there was no need for me to move the pulley on the shaft.


Anybody knows what wire it is for the thermistor / temperature sensor? And i guess i have to switch the black and red wire, right ?


Swap the two outside wires with each other, then swap the two next to them with each other (1 pin in from the outside) the other two are phase wires and can be left as is

your plug looks like its either the brown or the blue. So Swap Black and Red, then Swap Brown and Blue :smiley:


I guess it dosn’t matter wich order the three sensor wires comes in. So the only thing i need to know is wich wire is for the temperature. And yes, black and red needs to swap place with each other.


Brown or Blue. One is Temp the other is a sensor, so just swap Brown and Blue after you’ve done black and red and you will be fine :slight_smile: