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New Hobbyking motor - 6374 sensored


Pour liquid nitrogen over as you cut, at least that’s what I do. :thinking:


spray cutting fluid, or wd4d and a small fan


Hi @hobbyking_ian, any idea when the SK8 6374 192KV’s will be back in stock? I’m keen to buy up the required parts for my single 10S5P 6374 build and this is the motor I’m looking to use. Also you’re out of stock for the motor cover/end bearing kits - are these coming back soon as well?




Also I just tried to backorder them for delivery form the global warehouse and it keeps failing - so not sure if that is meant to happen or not…


Is that the stator length of the 6374?


I have only had issues trying to backorder from hobby king, I suggest wait for them to come in stock, that is what I am doing.


i might have to - not sure there’s any other option at this stage…


To anyone who has these motors, what size are the sensor connectors? Do they go directly into the VESC sensor port or is a adaptor required?


they fit directly


I just ordered the SK8 6374 192kv its on back order status right now but my order went through fine. I am planing on building with a HK SK8 VESC and a DIY EBoards 10s5p battery.

@hobbyking_ian What I really need in stock is the belt and pulley sets for the skateboard conversions.

I have it in my wishlist but never seem to catch it being in stock.


Dont forget the bolt and retainer kit which is even less likely to be in stock… There is a 3d printed version available.


I ordered the cover, retainer and bolt kit yesterday from usa warehouse. I have everything except the belt and pulleys!


You can get away without the kit above - I used an M20 washer with m5 x 45mm cup head screws and drilled out holes for the screws to go through - works like a charm.

That said you went for the sensored motor which has the extra long shaft which interfaces with this kit for extra strength - definitely the better way to go if you don’t mind spending the extra little bit of cash


Just an update on the availability of these motors. I have purchased a couple on back order and sent an email asking when they will be sent. I got the following response:

As per checking, the possible restocking will be 2nd to 3rd week of August. You may add the BK item in your wishlist so that once the item put back to in-stock. You will get a notification email.

So looks like mid August they will be back in. I ordered two of 6374 192kv motors


i heard these motors have issues of separating from the can…apparently they dont have screws or circlips holding them together and they are only held by the magnets, and some people have reported the can slipping from the stator (someone on instagram told me this)


Really? That’s the first I have heard of that. Have you tried them yourself? They are pretty new so I haven’t seen a lot of feedback about them but assumed they are good based on the excellent rep that sk3’s have. I hope it was just a one off with that failed motor


I ordered one and never used it and sold it once I heard of the issue… The guy I asked was using them as dual and I noticed he didn’t have them on anymore and he explained the issue to me… It could be a one off type thing but it seemed like a design flaw


Thanks for the heads up. I changed the motors this morning for sk3’s. At least I know these are tried and tested


Any pictures? Design flaw when only one Person had this Problem?


Do you have a link for the discussion of this issue? Is there a fix? Being new to satellite drives, and the Sk8 6374 being my first outrunner motor, I thought the can wiggling is normal.