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New Hobbyking motor - 6374 sensored


would you recommend using the 6364 on that setup or use the 6374, what don’t you trust


The description of the motors says 8s to 12s Lipo voltage.
I was thinking to get the Turnigy SK8 6354-260KV but I just have 6s will it run anyway?


Sorry, I trust the motor, I don’t trust a wheel hanging by 180 deg of nut bite.

That sounds funny…”Nylon locknut engagement”. Still strange.


I’m not comfortable with… “How much shaft is coming through my nut”

If you move one motor mount up slightly and one down so the black nipples can overlap you could move them in 3 or 4mm each side and get more threads on the nut. Sure it will look a little funny though.


Should make a modular truck where the center is the same and then you can swap the ends in different lengths :smiley:


Already exists dude, most all the billet cnc trucks have axles of varoius widths that just screw in. I’m waiting for someone to start making axles with a shoulder/motor mount on them…


I meant the hanger since the force should always come as close to the hanger. Hanger split in 3x parts + axles. Wonder if it’s doable :smiley: The adapters where the threads go could incorporate motor mount also I guess. Will be a challenge getting them proper fixed to each other but then again this is very low forces so that should be doable. Damn I need to draw up this before someone steels my idea :stuck_out_tongue:


Thats totally fine to use


That’s what I thought. And you’re 100% sure?! I just dont want to order and wait 2weeks or more to realize it’s not working :smiley:


:joy::joy::joy:You made my day


I run dual sk3 260kv on 8s, 260kv would be fine but I wouldn’t want to run just one, I tried it before and it felt very lacking in power


Well my Setup is already done and I previousely had a 220kV from AlienPowerSystem single motor. It worked very good but unfortunately it broke a few days ago so I just want to replace it. And the questeion is if I can easily replace it with one from hobbyking. Because I only have 6s I want more kV to keep my max speed up.


Go for it and thank me later :wink:


The 6364 is probably you best bet.


Anyone ever measure the New 6364 ?


What is the Color difference (Orange & Blue) all about ??


Hmmm weird , I have a sk3 6364 and it measures 75mm long ?


This question is still up to date. When I oversee something obvious and this is clear to everyone please let me know.


What is the best way to cut shaft without overheating bearings ,


“What is the best way to cut shaft without overheating bearings ,”

Really really slowly :-). Seriously, cut in about 1/8" let it cool back down, cut another 1/8, etc.

And tape off everything so metal flakes don’t get into the motor.