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New Hobbyking motor - 6374 sensored


True, I meant it more as a joke - to be fair, it’s really only like $15-20 mistake, and it’s 100% my fault.

Sarcasm is hard on the internet :frowning:

Sorry for not being clear with my intents.


I wouldn’t settle it through PayPal maybe check on the freebies or the belt swap thread


I don’t want anyone’s business look bad, but sometime sellers ignore customer’s cancellation says ‘it already shipped’ after like 1 min of order. What a BS, I would just cancel via paypal or credit card company. I’ve dealt with this a lot in ebay sellers like this.


No worries, glad to hear it was just sarcasm.


Fixed the previous response - sorry!

Maybe the classic Reddit /S(arcasm) would have been appropriate, not sure how much of that lingo trickles over to here…


Good shout!

Posted over yonder at NEW HTD Belts Swap/Trade. Kind of a weird request - might just run 9mm’s until my 15mm’s arrive in a month or so… No down sides to running a thinner belt except for additional breakage chance? Less surface area might cause more slippage?

Thanks for the tip!


If your running dual 9mm proper tensioning will resolve any slippage issues. There are hundreds of boards running dual 9mm belts out there.


9mm side by side another 9mm belt on a single pulley?

Unfortunately not planning to do that - I don’t think my pulley is wide enough. I just would be running a single 9mm pulley per side for about 2 weeks to a month until my original order of 390-5m-15 belts arrives from China… Then just hope they fit!

Note to self: never order belts from China… Today’s full of learning!


Yeah I my self running 10+12 and also tried 10+10 set up. One problem tho, belt tends to get stretched overtime.


Not what he means. 1 pulley and 1 motor on each rear wheel with 9mm belts.

Edit: Proper belt tensioning in a setup like this (dual rear drive with 9mm belts) should eliminate any belt slipping issues.


5:1 gearing? That doesnt sound right.
I have a 149 with a 36:12 gearing atm. Ive got a few pulley (up to 20T) coming in from china at some point.
What would you recommend? Im thinking 16-18T since top speed is priority but my area is pretty hilly. I’ll be running 12s


can’t possible answer that question for you. Even with my current gearing, there are some parts where I have a top speed of just 12 km/h due to hill grade + it’s all off-road. It’s a trampa.


Ahhh Off-road. That makes sense. Thanks Anyway!
Off road build is next :smiley:


I got them to fit a torqueboard 218 truck and mount with most minimal of tolerances. I don’t trust it though.


I bought two of the new 6354 200kv motors and I have to say they perform exceptional. Before that I had two 6355 from torqueboards. They were really nice as well, but they weren´t as reliable as I had hoped. One of them broke again and I needed a new one. Instead of buying a new one and paying 40 Dollars for shipping, because I live in Germany I decided to buy completlely new ones. And I am surprised. They even perform slightly better. I didn´t expect them to be that good, because they were that cheap (10 % off thanks to a coupon). Only problem was, they were too big to fit on a dual rear. So, I went with a dual diagonal. Had to do some filing and rearranging, but got it to work. Can´t seem to find a big difference between those two methods though. I have to do further testing. So, first impression: great motors


Is the 6374 really 940g? And the 6354 630g?

@Arzamenable @Jinra can you weight yours?


Sorry, no scales. They are heavy


Yea I don’t have a gram scale either.


Will the Evolve Trucks be able to accommodate dual sk8 6354s? edit: (using unik’s 63mm evolve mounts)



But will they fit dual sk8 6364’s?