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New Hobbyking motor - 6374 sensored


I use this : https://m.ebay.com/itm/Digital-Tachometer-Laser-Photo-Non-Contact-RPM-Tach-Meter-Motor-Speed-Gauge/401394009006?epid=15008222631&hash=item5d74f283ae:g:N8AAAOSwRTVad7OS


Dude that’s not a bad idea at all, one of those in conjunction with a real KV meter will go a long way to determining real world numbers…


Try running this test and post your results.


I was actually looking at the 149kv motor to get more torque for pneumatics. Maybe that’s not a good idea ^^. Where do people get belts and pulleys for these and what lenght/teet should I have for street and pneumatic setup? I haven’t made the motor mounts yet but will make them fit the belts/pulleys on the market.


You can get Gates GT2 belts from V Belt Supply pretty good price and great service.



I picked up the 149Kv ones for a mountainboard build I will be making in the next week or two.

As far as teeth/pulleys, it really depends on how fast you want to go, and how much torque you want. Here is a calculator that is highly recommended in this community: http://calc.esk8.today/ Enter your values for what you want, and adjust the gear ratios to get your desired speed/hillclimbs.

When it could to lengths of belts, it’s difficult to tell exactly. It really depends on the spacing on your motor mounts, your desired tension, and if you have an idler pulley or not. So some users recommend buying the belts after you have set up your pulleys, and use a string to measure the total distance required. I personally just asked someone that had similar pulleys/hubs/mounts and got a rough guess. I’ll find out next week if it works!

The belt length will be different for street and AT setups, since the pulleys will be different. You might be able to use the same belt, but you would need a really good idler pulley setup, and it doesn’t seem super practical.

I’ll let you know how my build goes.


Picking up some spare belts now!

Looks like you can use code “Gates-10” for 10% off your orders! Not sure how long it lasts, but it worked for me just now.


Awesome…I payed for a little quicker shipping and it came in 2-3days…The GT-2 are better than the HTD belts.


Sweet! I picked up my original set from some guy on eBay, and they wont even arrive until June 1st or the 21st…

So I guess these “spares” will become my originals for now! Plus they’re cheaper… Why did I not know about this before!


I was in a similar situation and did a bunch of searching some places like Granger are asking over $50.00 per belt. I give V Belt Supply two thumbs up. I hope your experience is a as good as mine. I needed one replacement and was looking to have a spare and at that price just ordered 4 belts… one less thing to worry about. It really sucks when you have to run your dual with single motor. The difference in torque and breaking is substantial.

Once you go dual you will never go back…



Hello Kevin, this is Kevin.
About the gt2, im not sure the performance increase is yielded without using gt pulley. Just wondering if you noticed a difference in performance.


No real noticeable difference… I have a HTD on one motor and gt2 on the other however the gt2 seem to have a little more grit or grip on the face of the belts. I will let you all know after running for a couple of weeks.



My first impressions of this motor are quite the opposite: Im loving it. - I had some technical hitches to sort out before I could really take it for a test, but over the weekend went out for a couple of hours.

6374 192kv. 10s Lipo 8000mah 30c. 15/36 97mm wheels. Pulls strong - too strong - Im toning down the current settings tonight. I easily hit 38kph (23mph) and had lots of room to push more. I believe 45kph (28mph) should be within reason without changing my gearing.

Im a larger guy - 115kg (250lbs) and my board is single motor. It is hauling me around at more than enough acceleration, with a top speed that works well for my ability level. It smashes any hill I have gone at. I ride with a friend who is around the same size as me and has an identical board setup - his feelings about the motor were exactly the same.

On the other hand, I am not happy that I wont be able to fit 2 on the TB 218mm trucks. That was the direction I was hoping to head.


might have to grab 2 of these to show off my trucks :thinking:


Hmm, maybe 10s3p is limiting this motor.


For sure. If thats 30Q they won’t deliver more then 2.4kW or so and each of the 6374 are rated for 4kW…


would love to see some 12s tests


Not to get off topic but I would say different about there service. I accidentally bought the wrong belt and called them up explained the situation and the guy who answer I believe his name was Rich. Said well if you want to replace them there is a 30% restocking fee on the total price and you will have to ship them back to us and then pay shipping for the new belts. Shipping to me was $9.00 almost the price of 2 belts and it was ups ground that took 4 days to get to me. I asked if I would get credit back for the first shipping and they said no so I said so I dont get my shipping back plush a restocking fee that is more then the shipping was. It seems like some people got there belts from them in the past and they would exchange them without issue but not the case anymore.

You can get belts on Amazon with prime and free returns and no restocking fee. I’m all for helping smaller companies and giving my business to them over the big corporations but in this case no because I would have basically paid for my belts doubled after the return and only had the 2 sets I ordered.


Do they also come with a temp sensor that is readable by the VESC or does sensored just means hall sensors build in? I can’t see information about a temp sensor in hobby kings specifications.


Ha, just so happens I also purchased the wrong belts…

Got 390-5m-09! 9mm wide belts!!! Anyhow, I sent in an email, tried calling, tried submitting a contact on their website all within 10 minutes of the accidental purchase. Purchase was STILL “PROCESSING” during my first 3 correspondences…

According to their website:

Once an order is processed, the order can not be changed, added to or canceled.

But my 3 attempts to contact them BEFORE my order was processed were apparently futile???

Called them again this morning and someone told me “Sorry, can’t refund, already cut and processed”… He told me it would be better to just wait for them to arrive, and it would not be worth sending them in for a refund because of the 30% restocking fee as well.

Note to all buyers: make sure you double check what you’re ordering… :open_mouth: