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New Hobbyking motor - 6374 sensored


They are also sealed, have a long shaft to fit into the bearing on the HK mount, they have a keyed shaft, they are 14 pole, they dissipate heat really well…what else? Seems they have a lot going for them over the old sk3’s…like considering the design is made for a skateboard and not an airplane, that’s your 1st clue, lol


Alright boys,

So slightly dumb question:SK8 6374-149KV or 6374 190KV for a Trampaboard? Looks like the SK8 has more power (W), and is cheaper by like $40 when you include the sensor adapter, and looks a bit more waterproof. I’m tempted to do the 149KV SK8 because of the torque to speed comparison. I don’t forsee myself needing to go 35mph (yet!), and added torque is always a plus! Thoughts?

By the looks if it, dual SK8’s will fit on Trampaboard Vertigo trucks, is that correct?

I plan on running FOCboxes with a 12s4p battery, 66/14 gearing, anything seem wrong? Aside from needing to convert from 5.5mm bullets to 4mm banana plugs.



But I’m desiapointed cuz there is no benefit in performance. Im alrady putting 90-100amp on sk3 motor and it will probably same performance as th new sk8. you should see my motors, I ride in rain gravel side walk, enough to chunk out abec11 wheels badly. I still don’t have any problem without seal of the motor. im actually waiting my 260kv to die but can’t kill this thing really.
What I’m looking for is same power with smaller form factor or better power with same form.
sk8 is neither so no go for me…


I understand, but have you put on thousands of mile on these new skate motors in FOC sensored mode? Do it, then form an opinion or comparison…I’ve ridden both, a lot, the sk3 didn’t last long on my setup, even with it’s additional power over the orange 125kv motor, noted I never experienced rocks or pebbles going into the sk3, it is possible while it’s impossible on the sk8 motors, the 14 poles, and sensors on these will equal extreme smoothness on a vesc in FOC mode…the smoothness of these motors is unsurpassed…they are efficient, robust and pull smoothly from a standstill…what more can you ask for? As for fitting them onto existing setups or dual mounts…well they just came out give it a little time for the truck makers to measure them and make you guys some sick stuff to make them dance…I wonder if HK is going to release a 100amp vesc and some way to dual mount these. They already need more pulley options badly. I have a feeling this is just the beginning.


Aren’t they both 14 pole?


I was under the impression the Orange D5035-125KV isn’t 14 poles because it doesn’t specify in the specs, I didn’t take it apart myself, has someone confirmed? I do know it works super well in FOC mode with sensors because it’s been under my feet for months now…


I think he was referring to the SK3 vs SK8. Both are 14 pole I believe.


Hey if you haven’t already chucked it on a board, could you please measure the size of the keyway? Looks to be about 3mm wide, 8mm long? What sort of shape? Rounded, flat, etc.? Would this fit?



OMG Trampa’s using the wrong words too. (keyseat, key, keyway)

I think usually, you buy keystock, might be a long bar, and cut it down to length, sand it to fit if necessary. google terms “keystock” or “key stock motor”.


Yeah, previously I have just got some small keystock (few inches to a foot), cut it with a hack saw, and belt sanded it to the right shape, and chucked it in there.

Unfortunately I don’t have the tooling required to do this anymore, so I am forced to look into purchasing direct which is like $1 each, as opposed to like $4 for 304.8mm… Thats $4 for ~35 keys if you include blade widths… Looks like I found my next business! Turn $4 into 35 super quick… :money_mouth_face:


I’ve been waiting on the loctite to cure before really riding this motor. So ya I’m probably not removing the pulley any time soon.

Edit: The key is 8 x 3mm, rounded ends, flat on sides.


If you use these motors on the HK motor mount with it’s cover and the brash tubes, then you won’t need lock-tight, the brash tubes keep the pulley centered over the key, even if the setscrews come completely loose. Because there is a bearing on both ends of the shaft in the system those tubes allow for force on both sides, basically trapping the pulley on the key. I have ridden this setup without lock-tight and the set screws came undone and it still got me home safe and sound with some extra play on the pulley and belt, and then I tightened it back up and have been riding it since, no lock-tight involved…so don’t glue the things on, just use the proper mount for the motor and all the correct parts as they were designed and the benefits multiply…the little cover over the motor pulley is nice for protecting it too and helps keep the system aligned and straight…


My two 6354 motors came yesterday and they indeed do not fit at all on a dual set up.
Have to think of something now.


I ordered TB trucks to fit my dual 6354’s. It should clear with just 1-2mm of clearance.


so the 6354’s are the same as sk8’s essentially. damn :’(


How is the performance of these motors? Any difference to others?


I’ll find out soon


What trucks does people fit these on? Is there any factory stuff that has room for it?


First impressions of this motor: not great.

I have briefly tested this motor (6374 192kv) on a 10s3p li-ion pack with 15/36 gears on 90mm wheels. I tested this on a 12s esc, not a vesc.

It pulls strong, but it doesn’t quite feel like the 6374’s I’m used to. I topped out at 20mph, which seems low. I can reach 22-23mph on the same board with a single racerstar 200kv motor. My tesseract with a single 6374 can easily hit 28mph.

I’ve also ridden their orange 125kv sk8 motor, which was very torquey. So I’m starting to believe there is little variation in these motors, other than can size and kv.

Edit: Just went for a ride on a full charge, hit 23mph. I think there’s more potential in these motors than I first thought. I need to try it on a vesc. Will report back.


Sounds like that is not a 192kv motor eh? 20mph indicates more of a 125kv motor with those pulleys and wheel size…interesting…does anyone have a KV meter and some of these motors? I haven’t had a chance to pick any up yet, broke for the month and HK didn’t send me any to test…