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New designed a motor mount for sale , looking for review


Cool, nit so cheap here in the states.


Would definitely pay more for a left & right set.
I don’t care so much about the Finish.


Section that is 4.3mm thick would have me worried !:thinking:


don’t worry, the aluminum is soft, by using those big round motor screws, easy to sink in 0.3 mm.


??, i meant at just 4.3mm thick there is potential to bend .


Oh, I see, making it thicker is no problem at all. but this lit already done, I just waiting for feeback from users now.


If you made it mirrored from the top to the bottom so that bearings could be mounted on both ends you wouldn’t need to print a right and left and would allow two tensioners.


How is it going with the caliber2 mounts?


i gues we will get an update tomorrow or today, he said he is on a business trip till or on monday. but i think he is not far off^^


Anyone know how much space is left between the motors if you’re using 6355 motors? I’m wondering if I can fit two of these 6368 motors with 15mm pulleys and 195mm Paris Trucks. Thanks


Not a hope a caliber is 10” and will just squeeze in a dual 6355 with a few mm to spare

Possible if you reverse mount one of them tho


yep thats a big plus of a round axle, just spinn it around^^


Do you have any update on when the caliper mounts will be ready?
It looks like the mounts on my Riptide R1 are bending causing alignment issues.
I don’t really want to pull too much funds from my current build just to keep this thing working.


i just looked up R1, looks like alot of companies use these kits from Diyelectricskateboard, not to be confused with TB, they always talk about A grad quality but i think they just push out a mediocre at best product.


Yeah. It’s a fun board, but battery sag is harsh. Remote is spotty. Getting it got me to look into diy stuff. I’d like to finish my first build before this thing broke tho.


already arranged the production of this .


Did you say you were going to design a 3d printed cover for this as well?


yes, always want to do that.will do that later.


i was about to ask, can we order?


better later, when I got those piece and test it…