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New designed a motor mount for sale , looking for review


How’s the caliber 2 version going?


second that.


@Skunk, @Benjamin899, I will have a business trip on monday, will arrange the production before that.


Also got mine today. Can’t would to test them out when I come back in from my trip.


Hey guys, just received my version 1 mounts. As you can see above, the idler adjustment is on the same side, which results in a lopsided look when you mount in dual configuration… In other words no right/left versions. Looks pretty bad imo, and prevents from running a sigular idler. Just thought I should throw it out there!


Sorry for the double post… other than that quality looks great for the price!!! Seem plenty tough as well.


How thin is it where motor goes??


Roughly 4.3mm


mmh that’s a bummer. maybe dickyho will make a left and right version in the future batches.


I’d assume people like to run idlers on slack side. I feel like these mounts (if using idlers) would really be ideal for dual diagonal setups only. Kindof a bummer they aren’t mirrored.


it will not look obvious after every thing installed.



Yeah it’s really subtle. But can you ask them to not use scratched up aluminum stock. There r a lot of dings and scratch marks on mines. I think I am gonna have to use sand paper to rough it out.


Sorry, about this. for the cheap price. all are without surface treatment. I am planning to anodize all piece later, which will have 1.5us increase for each piece.


Will you be able to make a left and right side design also?


Of cause I can. if more people needed that.


I’m glad to pay 1.5 for nice and smooth finish for a week. Also +1 for left n right mount.


yeah no problem paying a dollar or two more for a nice finish, also totally down for a left and right version(caliber edition ofc)


for this time, you could spray color on it.


I would just use a sanding wheel to brush the surface if it bothers you. For the price I’m not complaining.

When @dickyho said 1.5 I think he meant x 1.5, as in 50% more which is still a pretty good price.

@sender and I have been discussing anodizing for some other pieces. I’ll check I to cost and color options of anodizing these.


I meant +1.5us/pc , anodize is cheap in china.