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New designed a motor mount for sale , looking for review


that is a cool idea. yeah two parts makes it more time consuming. well let us know when you have the fixed angle versions.


OK, could help to confirm if the dimension of the caliper truck on below picture is correct ?



i have no precision measurement tools here but those numbers look good to me.


OK, Thanks!


It looks like the plate is thicker that the clamp where they mate, could be liable to break there, I would leave it thicker even if the motor plate sticks out a bit

Trying to think how you can acoud having to make a left and right side version but maybe no option, I know this increases cost


yes, I know the clamp shall be the thicker part. but in that case the blue part need to do 2 side milling…


Would be concerned about a stress crack developing here if not thick enough, a lot of load would be transmitted to this point. Silver clamp looks thinner than blue plate


My opinion is: make it simple. Means don’t bother with nice curvy & intricate shape. The less material you mill, cheaper it is. Make it non adjustable, less tinkering and much more reliable; less moving parts, less influence of vibration. Simpler it is, stronger it gets and easier to properly align with pulleys. Simpler can be stealthier. Browse effective designs and make something similar. Probably make 2 versions 63xx and 50xx. With and without idlers.
Just my 2 cents


yeah i guess the designs already available here from others, the adjustable ones, are kinda the best solution imo.
So to have a good mount for a smaller budget a fixed version seems to eliminate so much headaches and cost.


OK. then I go ahead with this design. make caliper 50 version and 44 version.



Wasn’t this idea something worth doing for a stronger clamp?

Just saying, that seems like it would make the clamp much tighter :wink:


true, went under all the other comments i guess.


I think this is the best option, as it is completely universal, all that would be needed it to slightly enlarge the clamping hole so objects like in the picture can be fitted.


lol i totally forgot i posted that. maybe instead of round adapter, you could make them square so that the clamb has a better surface to clamp on and it does eliminate the need to have 2 different versions in stock.


@dickyho If you make a set for Surfrodz you can count me in


Then it’s not adjustable


lol right, i shouldn’t write late in the night^^


Instead of round or square you could have like a cog shape to it.


You can also first make a caliber 2 compatible motormount that is not adjustable just so everyone can try it.

You will need to find a good angle so it can hold a 63mm motor on a good distance between the deck and the ground when it is attached to a caliber 2 truck.

Because then everyone can buy some and try it while you can maybe develop a better adjustable mount


I got mine in today, they look good. I’ve got a set of Paris V2 195’s I’m going to fit them too this weekend, I’ll post how it goes. Thanks :slight_smile: