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New designed a motor mount for sale , looking for review


In my experience it has been a super solid mount and well regarded. @WARMAN is keen to find more of these as are other guys.


if so, that is a very good design!


@bigben did anyone use the enertion mounts and installed belt idler?


I’ve not seen any but they may well have.


So this design are for caliber 50? mine are 44 :face_with_monocle:, can you make some preview with 44 angle. Wondering about the clearence i would get.


Hi. Sorry, I have no idea of caliber 50 or 44, what are the difference?


The baseplates. One is 50° one is 44°


Thanks! my drawing is caliber 50. I think it will also work for caliber 44.



it looks like this design can not use on caliber 44…, either make it adjustable, or make another version for 44.


an adjustable version would be the ultimate solution, since you can use them for reverse mount or inward mount.


Or just use a riser


i want my board to be as close to the ground as possible. My first build was rather high and that is quite annoying.
But sure, if it is too much to ask for he can just leave it at that.


I still thinking

Help for motor mount with super cheap build

I did! I poke larger hole on cover hole and bolted through bearings and locked with nuts.


cool. can you share a picture?


You could add teeth to the 2 pieces so it has many possible angles and won’t rely on just pressure.


looks well used^^


That’s good idea, Thanks.

I have some idea of the adjustable version now, but still don’t have one that satisfy me. in the end very possibly I will produce the fixed angle one. 1 version for caliper 50, 1 for caliper 44. this will be more cheap, better suit for net shop sale.


is that jp weld on the trucks and mount?