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New designed a motor mount for sale , looking for review


no worries, just curious.


Has anyone tried these with 195mm Paris trucks? Wondering if you could fit two of the wider varieties of 6355 motors.

If you make a caliber II mount at that price I will buy two. If you could offer the whole drivetrain system with pulleys and belts you’d sell quite a bit.


I tried 195mm Paris trucks, it works fine.


do you have a picture?


will take pictures later tonight


Excellent! Now the question becomes how much room is there for motors with the 195mm trucks? I think this could be a great alternative to people who don’t have space for larger motors and don’t want to use giant TB 218’s.


I tried 195mm Paris trucks, it works fine. but need to do turning


what is the belt size u used here


5M 285 15mm width


so if i am to use with 2 bearing how long does it has to be 295?


what wheel size you use?


97, gear is 36t/16t


290 or 295

Motor mount tips

Are there any updates on the caliber 2 mounts?


I’m waiting for the caliper II design…


Sorry, only have the design for the fixed angle version. still try to figure out the one with adjustable angle.


nice work, can’t wait to see the final product


Looks great, cant wait to try it out


Something like this?


I personally don’t like this one.

  1. a two side open clam will more easy to got loose.
  2. connected another metal plate (or cabon) by 3 screws, also increased the chance of getting loose.
  3. the product thick will increased.

Just my opinion, I am not sure, never use this mount myself.