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New designed a motor mount for sale, looking for review


Great. Let us know when you have them ready :+1:


This is what I was thinking too


like this?


i think you should call your mounts Caliber Daggers or something like that


Yep, exactly.


maybe next bunch…I have some quantity almost done production.

besides, this will look wired for those not intended to add bar…


If the motors are mounted inwards, it won’t be too noticeable. If the motors are outward/reverse mounted, it will keep them from getting scratched when the board gets stood up on end.


Great discussion. New builder question. Doing a DIY. Advisable to have a on/off switch on cover? How to make a homemade cover? I ve seen some covers out of tread plate but not sure they were formed or if there are better choices. Thx


This. Exactly what I was thinking.

Wrong thread bro. Might be better to start your own discussion.


Yes just like that, although I am not a fan of the pointy end but it doesn’t matter as long as it works.


This looks great!


The aluminium crossbars look much better than the initial sheet metal thingy.


This. The bent sheet metal stuff looks like child’s play and could still bend if impacted. The aluminum crossbars are going to be waaaaaay more stout.


I recently bought the mounts, and although I’m still making my build I finished the drivetrain and decided to make a 3d printed motor guard. Very satisfied with intial impression of the mounts! I bought the extra long ones so I can mount both my motors behind my rear trucks, but don’t want to be leaning the board up against walls and have it directly sit against the motors.

Here’s pics of the parts I made, and here’s a link to download the stl.


Nice one. You could also implement pulley cover


I was hesitant to try that because I saw that dickho’s selling some 3d printed pulley covers and didn’t want to undermine what he’s doing


I put the file into Cura, and the model is absolutely. Any chance I can get either an updated working model or how big it actually should be


I take it you mean it was absolutely tiny? If so, give it a 10x scale. My blender settings have always been wonky :confused: I’ll try and post a revised version but if you just scale 10x it should be exactly the right size


Awesome thanks man, that should be perfect


Anyone got them to fit TB218 trucks, WITH OUT ANY modification?