New company called Revoll


Found a teaser, quite interesting. The deck and remote resembles the Stealth Jet fighter, and I loike it.


Interesting find ! Here is some info :

Technical specifications:

Range: up to 40km (Option with two batteries)
Top speed: 50 km/h+
Drive system: 2x 2kw / 5HP+
Ride style: 3 options (Custom mode)
Incline: 25%
Frame material: 100 % Carbonfibre
Trucks material: High strenght aluminium, CNC machined
Size: 1030x275x140
Braking: Regenerative (custom adjustable)
Throttle control: Wireless hand controlerWith LCD display
Wheels: DTC Pure 80mm
Charging: Fast charging 60minutes ???
Battery: Protected Litium Polymer

The board’s parameters:
Maximum power
Long distance style
Brake power
Maximum power
Maximum torque.

The LCD on the top plate shows:
Battery status
Total distance
Temperature of motors and electronics
Energy consumption
Driving mode

The company is located in Slovenia. Which is good news for Europeans :slight_smile:


There’s a slight curve on top of the deck, not sure it will affect the balancing or curve. But the design is great.


It’s also good to know the motor and electronics temperature so that we can constantly monitor to prevent overheat them.


I really like the look of the board, its nice.

it just appears to be a nice looking board and that’s it.
generic outrunners
re housed trigger control
no new breakthrough technology
no kicktail
no perpetual steez

just a pretty board.


the deck looks awesome… the video looks awesome… don’t really like the controller.

ALSO, already some bad news surfacing about these guys scamming people for money…


Yep, fuck those scammers. What a waste of times and money. Good job detective @onloop


Pure vaporware with nice marketing and sales pictures. No product though.


For fuck sake really? All the work i did copy/paste this on this forum, damn son !

I’ve mailed them anyway, dis gun be good :stuck_out_tongue:


Ive done the same. Asked for timing and cost. Yes this will be interesting.


I’ve received an email from the Revoll company, that they’ll be selling the board for a steep price of Euro 30000, thats £2300. Good GOD! hahaha what a bummer


Hello I must to write something abaut that. The situation was abaut first deck which wos the prototype. We didnt get any money from nobody so I dont know why so bad words abaut us.



Hello friend Eck, no response from the mail on Endles ?? What happened ? :slight_smile:


Goodness Gracious God !


Thats $4550 Aus. Assume ex postage as well. Is this thing priced for the market, because it doesnt seem that way. How is anyone meant to afford this board.


@Dedbny @mostwanted Yeah. Pretty steep price even for the Trump. lol. Maybe if somebody could make a homemade poop potato like in the Martian in his/her own backyard, and doesn’t use any of their salary to buy the board. Yeah, It’s possible.


It doesn’t exist. The price is fake too.


The price is unrealistic and the specs are unproven. Whos actually going to be able to do an unboxing and review of one of these in May.


Hello riders. If you dont belive the specifications. There will be a lot of reviews on the web :smile: Just wait a little. And the preorder list si preaty long at this time.

Ride and roll, ride Revoll

Revoll team