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New builder parts approval


Hello everyone, my name is Rafe. This will be my first build. I have been reading for quite some time and have finally narrowed it all down to what I think will work.

If some of you guys with more experience could take a look at my parts list I would be very grateful.

I will be building my own deck and motor mount.
Caliber II 10" trucks
Mbs AT longboard wheels 100 mm
40t/16t 265mm x12mm belt from Diyelectricskate
Torque boards 6355 190kv motor
Vesc from diyelectricskateboard.com
10s3p LG he2 no bms pack that I will DIY
Flysky gt2b controller


As you are going really large wheels and single motor I would recommend you go for a 6374 motor.
The 6355 are good enough sure, personally though I found the increase in torque quite significant and well worth the minimal increase in cost and weight.
Good luck with the build.


All good,
+1 this WeeChumlee, go 6374 and you will be sure to get what you want about your all-road experience (AT wheels).
Hurry to see what you plan for the mount ! That so cool to could make his own 18650 pack !!

Good DIY Rafe :wink:


Thanks for the feedback guys. I was wondering about the motor as a single drive myself. I think I will just throw the extra $30 at it and be done with it.


For your battery pack, your going to need at least a low amp bms for balance charging.


From my reading, I was under the impression that a pack with quality new cells isn’t prone to drifting too much. I also noticed there is some debating going on about whether or not you really need it. Some have even argued that a bms can prematurely kill your pack.

I had planned on using a 42v 2amp lithium charger that shouldn’t be able to overcharge. Then low voltage from vesc. I will be wiring in balance leads to check voltages manually. That way if need be I can always add a bms.

Is this information wrong?