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New Bergmeister wheels in different colors



For those wanting to run these on surfrodz.

16100-2Z Radial Ball Bearing Double Shielded Bore Dia. 10mm OD 28mm Width 8mm

These bearings fit haggys 60t pully and surfrodz 10mm axles. You’ll need 90mm axles tho.
Also a assortment of spacers (you should have what you need with what came with your surfrodz trucks)
I also used

to get a tight fitment.


on your site you notice that the wheel is 150 mm but when you look at the photos it is marked 145 mm on the tires
you confirm that it is 145 mm ?

these are standard bearings that are put on top ?


Dear Fred,
Thanks for your last. Actually, the wheels diameter fully pumped is 147mm and they are designed to fit the standard 608type bearing (to match any 8mm diameter truck axle).
Let me know if you need any further information.
Best regards


Aren’t those for adapting larger mountain board wheels with 28mm bearings? I was under the impression that for adapting Bergmeisters or any other wheels that take standard skate bearings that we need these.


Those are for the wheels yes. The bearings i posted are for the pully


Oh OK, I didn’t realize the pulleys also took a bearing. Carry on.


Hi @Mobutusan: yes the pulleys have a pulley which better distributed the forces put on the pulley from the belt. It also takes the pressure off the pulley / wheel connection.


…could you fit those tires on these?


Hi @pixelsilva. Yes the bergmeister wheels definitely fit on the evolve GT trucks.


Cool, thanks. How much for a set?


I really need to find out if I want these or the TB110’s… Brick road in a lot of parts of town I’ll be wanting to ride in is pretty craggly and uneven…


@pixelsilva there will be a flash sale next week. Prices will be announced on the forum when the sale starts :slight_smile: with many new rim colors


Thanks, looking forward. :ok_hand:


Any news on the TB218 compatible pulley @riverside.rider?
I’d like to test them printed out of nylon on my UM3.


If you print it yourself, don’t hesitate to print by this link :wink:



thanks a lot. Will there also be a version that doesn’t need to be bolted to the wheel?
With the bearing and the current 3 spoke design it should be possible to have a pulley fit without the need for bolts.
I’d design it but I don’t have the hub design as a CAD file and not enough time to model it myself :frowning:


c’est pas aujourd’hui qu’il devait y avoir une vente flash ?


Yes, he said that but, we could also see on the 1st post

I think it’s a question of hour, or maybe tomorow ! :smiley:


Salut @paufred64, Je suis en Suisse en ce moment I demain soir (Mercredi) je vais retourner a Taiwan. Donc, la vente flash commencera le weekend prochain :wink:

I am currently in Switzerland and heading back to Taiwan tomorrow night. The big flash sale will start this weekend and i will announce it along with the prices.

Sorry for the delay guys…


merci bien pour la réponse
bon voyage