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New Bergmeister wheels in different colors



Hi everybody,
just to let you know that I just received the new batch of Bergmeister wheels. Unfortunately, the timing was not the best as we have not yet had the time to assemble all of them and I will be leaving Taiwan in a couple of hours.
I am back on Feb 12th or 13th and then there will be another flash sale with immediate shipment.
The flash sale will also include some other components.
For compatibility with your trucks: I have seen that @marcmt88 already made some great pulleys with different teeth options. We have been testing out a new 60T pulley that is compatible with TB218 as well as Evolve GT. The files will be published for free (in case you want to do your own milling). Alternatively, you can purchase them from us by end of February. The material will be POM.

For those who would like orange colored rims: they will be available Feb 28th.
Pricing will be released when the flash sale is happening.

best regards,


Omg you really did it, you made pink rims.


YESSS. Compatibility with TB218. I’m so stoked for this. Looking forward to it


Think they’re purple.




Someone make a board with all different colored rims


Just started watching this thread, be sure to post here too when that flash sale goes live!


Those purple ones!



I think your board is glitching out, try changing the drv


Can’t wait !!!

Is there any known aluminium pulleys for this wheel ? I only/always see POM pulleys for it


I’d like an orange model
Do we have any idea what the price is?


Hi @paufred64 salut Fred, orange hubs will be ready by end February. Flash sale price will be announced on feb 12 :wink:


thank you for the answer
I’m going to stay alert


stunningly perfect, the anodization is impeccable.

This Carver is a gift from BMW that featured balanced car rubber wheels on precision rims like, 8 years ago lol

Compare the finish of the Haggy Bergmeister next to a real BMW, award-winning design and there’s just no competition.

Haggy is Ducati-smooth, thank you @riverside.rider!!!



Those green and blue are :fire:


All that’s left is my gear drive? Wink wink haha!

What are those wheels attached to?


Um, his heart. Obviously. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::roll_eyes:

I’m still holding out for the BRONZE batch. :wink: :pray:


@Mobutusan bronze will come :slight_smile: