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Need Help Wiring the BMS for my 10s4p Samsung 25R pack


I have been searching for a while but can’t find the exact answer im looking for, im making a custom 18650 pack in 10s4p using Samsung 25R cells, I have an 80A super BMS and am a bit confused on the wiring. I have seen this diagram,

but I have also seen this

my question is when I am wiring the p- and the positive wire, does it need to go to the motor as well as the VESC or is the VESC enough because that goes to the motor itself. I believe the first diagram is correct for me because thats the one for my BMS and I only have the b- and p- not ch-. Just wondering if I have to wire to motor. Thanks


Battery to vesc and vesc to motor.


ok so battery does not have to be attached directly to motor, only vest



do NOT attach your battery directly to the motor :rofl:


the balance wires in the second diagram are totally wrong. Do not follow the second diagram


thats what I thought but I read that and I was like tf


ok thank you


BTW, where did you find the second diagram?


I don’t remember I saw it somewhere online


Not on this forum I hope.


This section of balance wires are numbered incorrectly.

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