Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | R-SPEC Drive Kit $579USD

Need help choosing a motor



Ok, thats thrown a spanner in

Im drawn between these now.



I know there isnt anything in it spec wise but reliability??



Screw it, ordered the SK3

Thanks all


@AdamE3399 has dual sk3 6364 motors if you have any questions about them


Alienpowersystems are rather cheap , based in the uk and have lots of motor sizes available. I have their 6355 unsensored motors which work great (i am selling those) and 6384’s which i haven’t tested yet. You could also go for Faraday motion 6364 motors. They are only 70Euro a piece . Only used them for 500meters but they had way more torque than the 6355 APS motors + they are sensored. I have no idea however what the Faraday motion motors are worth quality wise but for 70Euro it is a real bargain.