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My first E-Board Dual Drive


Hello everybody,

im planning to build me first skateboard, i want to have a longboard with 2 motors because in my region it gos up and down all the time. I thought about getting motors (230kv 3250W) from maytech, also the two esc. What do u guys think about the products of maytech? Or is there the one and only motor i should buy?

Best regards


My personal opinion of maytech is not too high. I haven’t heard much about their regular ESCs (if you were considering one of them). People say the motors are decent, but I think the general consensus of their VESCs is that they don’t give back to Vedder and may be of debatable quality.


Well, as nobody has a Maytech VESC yet, i would not recommend them to somebody new to this.
I think they will blow up sooner or later.


I believe Evolve’s GT board and Ollinboards uses maytech motors.


They look more like BrotherHobby’s motors to me. http://www.brotherhobby.cn/goods/show-243.html