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My first DIY esk8 Dual 6374 | 10s2p | 97 mm Wheels | Chain drive | 36V | Total Cost $340 USD



I am very much thankful to the community. I learned so many things from you guys and finally had courage to put everything together. So I build this board.
I am EV enthusiast and I own couple of electric portable vehicles like ebike, escooter and now my DIY esk8.
I am an Indian and live in Taiwan. I must say Taiwan is so friendly country. When i esk8 everybody loves it, even traffic police also loves it. :smiley:
I recently started my youtube channel and created small video for driving electric and save environment.
hope you guys will enjoy it.

Build details: Dual 6374 Chain drive.
97mm wheels
10s2p Samsung 30Q
32" board 7layer mappel 2layer bamboo.
Every part is supplied by local vendor.


Good build. Post more pics of underside, drivetrain and electronics


great build. you’ll just find that you won’t get much power out of the 2p pack with those 6374s. battery upgrade should be the next thing on the list!


Very nice… Definitely upgrade the battery. Easiest will be to connect another 10s2p in parallel. Safe riding man


Sure, will do it on weekend.


Yes, Next item is batteries only.
As I am beginner and never drive any skateboard before… at this moment this board very much powerful for me.



Sure, Thanks Sami. I am still learning it. I must say this is very easy to start but hard to master.
Thanks again, will post my progress.


Awesome looking deck what ESC did you use


Its non programmable dual motor controller esc.
My goal was to build first skate with minimum investment and learn on it. :smiley: