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actually the unity is shipping febuary and onwards lol.


oh. i just thought he was gonna order after feb cause u spend a couple months planning


do they come in waves? Or will he eventually just have them in stock on his website?


Um waves for now since there preorder and demand for the unity is high, but eventually when production catches up he will have them in stock


dope sounds good


I just built my first board and wanted to add my 2 cents. I’m 85 kg and easily got up to 27 mph with a SINGLE 6374, (later added a secind 6374 for fun) dual 6355 would be a great bet if you wanted to save some money there because dual 6374 is more than youll likely need. I have 2 focbox, they’re great, a single unity is likely even better. Learn how you want to set up the vescs, there’s a lot of options and they all have pros/cons. Mine are set up as master/slave which means only one is recieving RC signal and then baziclaly commands the slave vesc to copy whatever the in our was. Ackmaniac app is a great way to control your vescs wirh your phone, build kit boards sells a Bluetooth module that fits nicely into the 6 pin input on a focbox. If you go this route make sure whatever vesc you buy has the right connection for the Bluetooth module. Build kit boards is my go to for most things because Jared is awesome and has great service, I have his 11s3p battery, 2 6374 motors, and his tayto 31" deck, among other things. Torqeboards is where I got my trucks and belts/gears (16t/40t 15mm kit). Don’t buy cheap on your mahor components, learned the hard way you need quality or else you’ll be spending more money.
Enjoy your build!


one motor vs two motors: one motor and two motors will have basiclly the same top speed. two motors have more torque, not more speed. plus top speed is mostly dependent on the battery, not the motor.


That is correct, i wasn’t speaking of my top speed tho, shouldve been more specific. I hit 27 with more a good amount more throttle to go, going uphill. I had torque in mind which is why I mentioned my weight*


Unknown correct?


top speed is more dependent on the kV rating of the motor, volts applied, and wheel size

Just type in your specs and you get all the necessary information :smile:


thats based off of 97mm wheels and 16/36 on 12s i believe.