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Muirskate has the 29" Jet Potato in stock



I was browsing Muirskate and noticed that they now have the 29" Jet Potatoe (2016 version) in stock. Since there has been so much interest in @RunPlayBack’s thread and @whitepony’s beautiful board with the bindings, I thought others might be interested. Here’s the link to MuirSkate …


And, they also have the 33" Potatoe which you can find here …



ah, so this must be the successor of the discontinued spud then? might be even cooler because the spud really has a MASSIVE concave and the potato looks a little more moderate! :slight_smile:


Yes, I believe it is the replacement to the Spud. Lovely looking board, and in a really tight package.


Nice find! Looks pretty much the same as the original except for the graphics?


Just got one for my build