Mounting dual 6374 motors on a 30'' short board?


And I must say they are short but have legs…


Oh i forgot the sealed ones had that. My bad. Good call @hyperIon1


Honestly, the difference between the 190kv and the 170kv is minimal compared to turque and power of the two.
Anything duel at 170kv pushing enough amps will be a rocket.
Say with the new unity or a duel set up of the Maytech 6 would allow you to have a 12s5p and enough amps to max motors on 60a x 2


Thanks a bundle @Skunk and @hyperIon1.
You say these are 170kv. How many turns do they have. And what are ‘legs’ (sorry noob here). Are the motors rated for 12s? Because I want to use 2 6s lipos in paralell as a power supply.


Leg or nipple

So its a 6355 but that leg is a bit longer.

Yes 12s


As long as I can fit it on caliber twos I should be fine. Also I noticed that it’s $85 per piece. This is cheap for a sensored motor but I’m trying to cut back so I opted to use sensorless ones. So unless (hopefully) your price is in CAD I may need other recommendations


@hyperIon1 the escs you sell though, will they work for a 12s lipo setup?


they are new, we only tested one on the bench for set up and detection.
I run 6365 on my board and i love them.
as for ESCs rated for lipo all but the mini flip.
the duel maytech 50a is rated for 12s lipo
the singles are as rated for 12s lipo as well
and I have some maytech 100a ESCs coming