Mountainboard mud guards (For evolve type tires / hangers) - 3D print file

you mean lock washers?

No, something like this:

It does do kind of the same thing, except it’s two-sided.

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ah yea, just a different kind of lock washer

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Nordlocks. I use them on my bikes.


Did it work? I have bamboo GT and wondering if it will fit… Thanks!

Yes they fit quite well.

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Nice! Did you do any waterproofing using silicone or blue tack? I was thinking to combine this with the guards to ensure I have no problems in the wet conditions…

Yes. Corrosion X + blutack + plastidip spray. It is stormproof.

this is the idea i was having for fenders… a print based off a motor mount style… that would slip over the truck and maybe a set screw…

That seems incredibly sturdy! Well done.

i thought about waterproofing too and one thing bothered me. How to get the cables sealed?
I would rethink if water can get through the heatshrinked braided cord next to the three phase wires.

Yes that’s the most dangerous spot. It must be really well sealed yet some humidity can travel through the braid inside, hence the corrosion X.

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I have tried to ask a service to print these wonderful mud guards (that everyone should get with every eskate…) but they told me it was 500$ !! Do you know any other way? I think I am going to find another to make my board rain proof. (ranger x1)

You should find a printer for under 100$


:heart_eyes: THX

Anyone got a file to print off fenders / mudguards that fit the big abec 107’s?